See More Of The Abilities & World Of RAGE 2 With This New Gameplay


Previews of RAGE 2 have been pouring out and that means that we have new gameplay to look at that focuses on many different aspects of RAGE 2

It looks like we have a flood of new things to look at for RAGE 2 now as another larger media showcase and preview has taken place and all of that preferred media is allowed to talk about what they saw and played. Not bitter at all here. It would be nice if Bethesda did give us a ring so we could join in the fun directly, but for now, we will sit sideline and round things up for you. Avalanche Studios is still in a pre-beta phase for RAGE 2 so there is still time to go for the game. May 14th is still a bit out there and we can see how this will evolve for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. At least if it wants to be a viable contender in this year of big releases.

All of that said, here we have some new footage of RAGE 2 that shows off a few of the abilities, guns, enemies, and vehicles we will be seeing in the game. Some of which would probably make more sense once we get our hands on it. For now, we will just look at the pretty colors and dream of the future. A future where we will have hover bikes to get around an open-world as we can here in RAGE 2. That looks to be the more efficient way to do it even though we may miss out on some of the smaller quests and events in the game that can just fire off. Things akin to some of the other major open world games we have had release in the past few months to get an example there.

RAGE 2 — Ability Gameplay

RAGE 2 Abilities, Firefights, One Hillbilly Mech Suit.

If there is one thing to take away from the new footage and words for RAGE 2, it does look like the combat is solidly set up and working well. It looks like we can blend between our weapons, vehicles, and abilities rather fluidly and chain them together for some great combinations. One in particular looks to be a fun barricade that will greatly damage enemies in the world with a vortex that sucks everything around it. If that does not do the job, you can also explode it to take out those who were holding back a bit. A nice thing to see here. As well as some of the other weapons in the world.

Details are still a bit sparse on it, but it does look like RAGE 2 will have alternating firing types for weapons and some look to add in a lot of extra punch. One of which looks to shoot an enemy with a bunch of little shards that will drag them along to another point designated by us. Almost like a magnetic pull of sorts. Then there is the shotgun that will also have some sort of pulse shot and then the auto-guided rounds we can fire out of a different weapon that will hone in on your last enemies. All of which is assumed based on all of this new footage and b-roll for RAGE 2 that has made its way out there. Gods I wish we had a more direct line to all of this so we could have better specifics.

RAGE 2 — Combat Is Awesome… When You Get To It

We played a few hours of RAGE 2 and came back conflicted. The combat is great, but there wasn’t enough of it.

Are you ready for the madness that will be RAGE 2 or are you still curious about why this sequel is being made? Will the story of the game keep you linked in better for this one or will it need to focus on all of the other aspects to make it a solid entry for the franchise? How many other weapons and abilities do you think we will see in the final build or will it all be these few we have now? Let us and the world out there know down in the comments and then discuss. If we get more for RAGE 2, we will share it here for our fans. I am certain there will be a whole lot more to come in the coming weeks and months, so be sure to stick close to the site.