Time Is Not Waiting Around For Us In Layers Of Fear 2

Layers Of Fear

More gameplay for Layers Of Fear 2 came out of PAX South as well as a new behind the scenes for the inspirations surrounding Layers Of Fear 2

Even more gameplay for Layers Of Fear 2 is out there now as PAX South has come and gone, but the videos still live on. Just as we would always assume in today's age. Even if you did not, it is still true that Bloober Team has offered up a bit more for the game to look at after the panel they held during this year's event and it gives us a bit more of the walking about we know from the IP so far. More of it on the boat, but still more for Layers Of Fear 2 to take in as we wait to find out when the game will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. With any luck, it will be sooner than later but I am still looking at October for it all.

Continuing on, there is not too much "new" for Layers Of Fear 2 here with this new footage that we have not seen in the past. Sure, there are different angles and a bit of a different location here and there, but nothing that truly caught the eyes back when the original launched. We do get to hear more of Tony Todd's narration for the game and there is a weird obsession with time in all of that. I am sure that it does not have much to do with actual plot of Layers Of Fear 2, but maybe that will be back in a larger way than we saw before. At least outside of a storytelling drive than we saw in the previous games.

Layers Of Fear 2 — Time Waits For No One

Horror indie studios Bloober Team, creators of Layers Of Fear, and Gun Media, creators of Friday The 13th: The Game, hosted a panel from PAX South to delve into the dark psyche of the Layers of Fear franchise, and give a sneak peak of the horrors that await players in the upcoming collaboration sequel.

If you were not able to see the PAX South panel for Layers Of Fear 2, that is something still to come out there, we do also have a nice, new behind the scenes look at the game and what inspirations were taking in its crafting. More interesting is that we have more on the protagonist we will be joining in the game and just who they are. An actor who has been invited to come play a role on the boat we keep seeing in the videos. I am sure there is more to it than that, but now we at least know a bit of what is up for Layers Of Fear 2 given that the last one was all about an artist in an old home. All different but it could pay off well.

Layers Of Fear 2 — Inspiration

Travel behind the scenes to talk inspiration with Bloober Team while they work on Layers Of Fear 2.

How is Layers Of Fear 2 shaping up in your eyes and do you see it being a solid successor to the previous titles? Does it make sense to go with a deviation but still keep the same title or is there something else we are noting seeing here along the way? Could time play a larger factor in this game or is that all just some wording used for dramatic effect here? Let us know what you have on your mind down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As more for Layers Of Fear 2 surfaces, we will update you here. Be sure to stick close to the site so you do not miss out on a single morsel of information.