The Bitter Sweet Apocalypse Awaits With Dysmantle


A new open-world action-RPG is announced as Dysmantle is placed out there with one of Dysmantle’s key features being able to destroy almost everything

Let us all hope that your post-apocalypse bug has not left you yet as we have another entry into the genre as Dysmantle is now announced. Announced and coming at us this year for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. The whole array is there as 10tons crafts together their own engine to bring us a new open-world action-RPG style game with survival elements. Can we pack on more descriptors of Dysmantle or should we leave it all be there? I think we will leave it be for now and focus in on one of the other key features of the game. That being the fact that you can destroy more than 99% of the items in the game's world.

That number does seem a little weird as it lists that less than 1% of Dysmantle will not be able to be taken apart, but we will focus on that later. What this all means for the game, in general, is that we will need to survive this new dystopian island we are on n the game by breaking things down. Be it monsters or objects in the world. All so we can craft and build ourselves up but also solve puzzles and other activities in Dysmantle. It is sounding more survival game than anything here is it not? You can have a look at the trailer that came along with the announcement though so you can see that it is more than just that.

Dysmantle — Announcement

Dysmantle is set on an extraordinary dystopian island where time seems to have stopped somewhere between the 70s and 90s after a grim calamity has taken place. The story starts as the protagonist ascends from his underground shelter and finds himself all alone and left behind on the island. He needs to unravel the mysteries and find the means to escape the wretched place.

Over 99% of the objects in the game can be dismantled for materials. Materials can be used to craft permanent tools, weapons, headgear, outfits, and trinkets. The player will also explore, fight, survive, level up, gather, craft, hunt, solve puzzles, build outposts, farm, fish, cook, and enjoy living in the bittersweet post-apocalyptic world.

What thoughts do you have on Dysmantle based on the little we have so far? Do you think that it will end up being more survival game in the long run or will that play background noise to the rest of the game? What do you think the true percentage of destructible items in the game will be? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss a bit more. When we have a new update for Dysmantle, we will share it all here. Be sure to keep checking back in for all of that as we march on into the future.