The Action Is High In These New Screenshots For World War Z

World War Z

More screenshots for World War Z are out there and we get to see just a bit more action for World War Z before its upcoming launch

The headline says it all as we have more screenshots for World War Z to take in today. All of which look to show off more of the action that will be going down in the game when Saber Interactive brings it to us. That date is still up in the air, but at least we have more to look at for World War Z. It is still slated for 2019 as of last I heard, but who knows if Focus Home Interactive will shift that based on all of the other games that are coming out there. There are a whole lot hitting the PS4, Xbox One, and PC so it will be a precarious dance they will have to do there.

These new screenshots for World War Z dive into showing off more of the Swarm Engine as it comes to all of the zombies in the world. This would be what is driving the 500+ enemies that will be swarming at you at any time on the maps of the game. All doing what we saw in World War Z as well as how we see in nature when it comes to creatures reacting the same way. Tell me that these pyramids do not look like ant swarms trying to get to the last sugar cube. It is just humans and the last uninfected host that needs to be infected. Given the lore this outbreak is going with…

World War Z — Screenshot World War Z — Screenshot World War Z — Screenshot
World War Z — Screenshot World War Z — Screenshot World War Z — Screenshot
World War Z — Screenshot World War Z — Screenshot
World War Z — Screenshot World War Z — Screenshot World War Z — Screenshot

World War Z, Saber Interactive’s upcoming four-player co-op multiplayer game inspired by the hit blockbuster movie, launches later this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Today, get a gruesome taste of horde-killing action with newly unveiled screenshots, along with the game’s striking key art.

Outlive the dead through each group of survivors’ unique storylines, as they run from and battle massive hordes of zombies powered by Saber’s advanced Swarm Engine. Survive a series of heart-pounding co-operative campaigns across a series of international locations, including Moscow, Jerusalem, and New York. The relentless swarms act as real crowds, as zombies trip over obstacles, squeeze through tight spaces, and climb on top of each other to reach players no matter where they try to hide.

Were you hoping for some higher action in World War Z here or something more akin to the books? Do you think we will have small sections like that or will all of the exposition be handed out during the runs between swarm attacks? Would you be interested in seeing a character who is "invisible" to the swarms running around saving others or do you just want to shoot and kill the hordes? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on World War Z, be sure to keep checking in here. We will keep all of the updates flowing out there as best that we can.