Intruders: Hide And Seek Finds A New Home On PSVR Soon


The release date for Intruders: Hide And Seek has been set for the PSVR side of things with word that Intruders will also hit the PC realm in the future

There seems to be a whole lot of horror coming to VR here now and Intruders: Hide And Seek is the next up to bat for the PSVR. At least as of February 13th as that is when Daedalic is bringing Tessera Studios' title to the platform. Well ahead of the PC version of it all coming in 2020. For now we will just focus on what Intruders: Hide And Seek is and what to expect here in a few weeks than to speculate on when it will be out for more of the masses. Just know that it is not going to be just a PS4 title out there and you can get excited to see it at some other point.

Moving from there, Intruders is a VR game where we take on the role of a ten-year-old boy whose family is going through one of the roughest vacations ever. You see, three people have restrained the rest of the family and taken them hostage and it is up to you as Ben to sneak around and help them. That or find some help depending on what your goal is here as you need to sneak around the three different intruders all with different perspectives. Interesting to say the least but you can get a better feeling for Intruders: Hide And Seek in the following trailer that goes slightly more into it all.

Intruders: Hide And Seek — Announcement

Daedalic Entertainment and the Spanish developer Tessera Studios will release Intruders: Hide And Seek on February 13th for Playstation VR. The MSRP for the PlayStation 4 version with PlayStation VR support is 19,99 Euro/USD.

In Intruders: Hide And Seek, three mysterious strangers break into a countryside vacation house and retain the Richter family as hostage. With your parents restrained and your sister hiding, you become Ben, the eldest son, who is stuck in the house with the intruders. You will have to find a way to save your family while you figure out who the three assailants are and what they want.

You will have to move around unnoticed, avoid any confrontation and help your family in order to survive the worst night of their lives. In addition, you will be able to use the well-calibrated VR-perspective to get a full and detailed view of the floors. However, you have to think about your next steps because each of the intruders has a specific perspective. You have to skip every cone-shaped field of vision, survive for the family's sake and try to call for help.

Intruders: Hide And Seek has won multiple awards like the Playstation Talent Award, SXSW Best Gaming Pitch Award, and the F&S Premio Titanium award. The game will be released on Steam with VR support in 2020 as well.

Are you interested in playing Intruders: Hide And Seek based on all of this or do you need more to go on? Do you think this kind of game will lend itself well to the VR arena and would it do well with a room scale set up instead of the stationary that the PSVR generally is? Do you think the home invasion aspect of the game will hit home too hard for some or be the right bridge into the game's world? Let us have all of those thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Intruders: Hide And Seek, if there is anything before launch, be sure to stick around here. We will place it all up as soon as we get it.