Take A Nice New Tour Of The World & Characters Of Biomutant


A new trailer for Biomutant is here to show us a little more of the world and other characters we will play and meet when Biomutant drops

Things have been mighty quiet over at Experiment 101 in terms of Biomutant since we had a nice big gameplay drops a while back. It was nice and should have kept us all held over for a while, but we are gamers and we want everything as soon as we can. Even though THQ Nordic has been busy with a few other larger titles they just helped bring to market, that does not mean that we should have to wait for Biomutant. Outside of waiting until 2019 to actually get to play the game, but that is just semantics we have to deal with on top of it all.

Obviously, this all means that we have new footage of Biomutant to check out here and it is a nice little clip. It looks to all be in-game footage, but not much in the way of actual gameplay. Not a terrible thing as it does give us a nice little look at more of the game's world and some of the other mutants out there for us. Some of which look to be NPCs and enemies and another look to be deviations of the main character we will be playing as in the game. Not too bad, but it is not everything we have been waiting for in terms of Biomutant. I guess we will just need to take what we can for now.

Biomutant — A Tour Of The World & Characters

We hadn’t seen Biomutant in a while, so here’s a look at the world and some of the characters in this unique new game from the ex-Avalanche developers at Experiment 101.

Are you glad to have a bit more for Biomutant here or was it just too small of a sample here? What do you think about all of the new deviations of the main character we have to see here? Does the world look nice and large for us all or will it be smaller than we think? Let us know what you are thinking after this new video down in the comments. When there is more to show for Biomutant, we will have it all here. Just be sure to keep swinging back by to see and hear it all.