Fury’s Apocalypse Is About To Kick Off In Darksiders III


Fury is back with more story for Darksiders III as a new trailer that shows where it will all go and how it ties into the rest of Darksiders

It is crazy to think about how fast the release of Darksiders III is coming upon us here as we only have a few more weeks until we are back in the saddle and joining Fury on her quest. It truly does feel like it was not too long ago that Gunfire Games announced it all and now we are just over ten days out from launch. This is not what we are going to focus on here, though, as we do have a new trailer for Darksiders III to dive into as we wait until THQ Nordic gets all of those copies of the game shipping out there. A new trailer and a new look at some of the sins that will be in the overall story of the game…

You read all of that correctly. The latest trailer for Darksiders III here is more of a story trailer than we have had before and we get to see a few glimpses as to why Fury is doing her thing and a couple more of the sins she will be taking on. To date, we have only truly seen Wrath and Gluttony in the videos. Now we get to guess who else is here all while seeing Fury show off more than her brothers have in the past Darksiders games. Fury is a badass bitch her and this only makes me wish the game were here right now. I can say that about any game really, but this one has been one of my favorites for a while now and the waiting is starting to kill me.

Darksiders III — Fury’s Apocalypse

Darksiders III is set for release on November 27, 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One! A Pre-Order campaign for special discounts and early access to exclusive content was designed to reward a fanbase, who are eagerly awaiting to once again smash demons to pieces.

Are you fully ready to ride on with Fury here in Darksiders III or have you been for quite a while now? Which sins do you think we were able to see here or were they all red herrings to rile us up but keep us surprised when the full game launches? Are you still curious on where or if we will see Fury have her horse and firearm in the game or do you think Gunfire Games also deviated from that in this one? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If there is more to share for Darksiders III, we will certainly share it here. Just be sure to keep coming back to see and hear all of it up to and past launch.