Here Is A Deeper Delve Into The World Of Arca’s Path

Arca’s Path

The next developer diary for Arca’s Path is here to take us deeper into the lore and world of Arca’s Path just a little bit ahead of launch

Here we go with another look at Arca’s Path just ahead of it hitting the Oculus, Vive, and PSVR on December 4th. It has been an interesting title in my eyes since I first had a chance to experience what Dream Reality Interactive has been working on and now we all get a better sense of what is going on the world of the game. Besides the rolling of a ball using your head as the controller and trying to solve the different puzzles in Arca’s Path. There is more story behind it all is where I am going with this and the latest developer diary Rebellion has up for us goes right into all of that.

As we have been able to see already, Arca’s Path is set in a dystopian future of sorts where technology has risen then fallen. Our protagonist is down on her luck and dives into this "virtual world," but now we get to see that she will not be alone. She will have a robo-nanny who has gone into a default mode to take care of kids now that she has come across one again. It also looks like the system we are going into is falling apart, this would be the paths in Arca’s Path that we will navigate, and I am guessing it is up to us to fix it all. This does give a bit more of a reason to why we are guiding a ball through a digital landscape.

Have a look at the new video just below and get a better feeling for Arca’s Path now. It is not the highest of intensity of titles, but given all of the other we have had thrown at us lately, it will be a needed break from it all. See and be the judge for yourself.

Arca’s Path — The World Of Arca’s Path

In this developer diary, find out more about the setting and background for the word and the inspirations behind its creation. How the world of Arca changes and shifts the as the main character goes deeper and deeper in hope of escaping.

Discover the circumstances that the main character has to endure and the difficult world she lives in, which changes when a mysterious cloaked figure enters her world and changes it forever.

What are you thinking about the world of Arca’s Path after seeing all of this? Do you think it will all lead back to us solving the world issues or will it be an escape more than anything for our protagonist? Do you need a nice little break in the mix of all of the other titles out there or will it be something you skip over for reasons? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Arca’s Path, be sure to keep checking back in here. We will keep it all coming at you as best as we can.