Metro Exodus Now Has A Spartan Collector’s Edition For Your Gaming Shelf

Metro Exodus

One more edition of Metro Exodus is here for your pre-order although this one may or may not come with an actual copy of Metro Exodus

Get your pocketbooks ready to take another hit as we have a new Spartan Collector’s Edition for Metro Exodus to start eyeballing here. Although I would not do that for too long if it interests you as Deep Silver has already stated that it will be in limited supply. Just one more way to be able to pick up 4A Games’ next entry into the Metro universe here for the hardcore fans. Even if we do have to wait until February 22nd to be able to play the full version of Metro Exodus on our Xbox One, PS4, or PC. At least you can spend some money beforehand or request a new Christmas present…

The Spartan Collector’s Edition version of Metro Exodus comes housed with some authentic Spartan Order Patches, collectible postcards from the game, Artyom’s Spartan Order dog tag, and a nicely detailed 10-inch statue to place on a mantel or shelf. All really cool things, but there is something worth noting here…there is not a copy of Metro Exodus in the mix of it all. Yes, this “collector’s edition” is all real-world items and nothing with the actual game itself. Not even the season pass that we all know is coming for it all. Why game companies are doing this more and more boggles my mind, but I am guessing it is because you are all paying for it and then spending even more money on picking up the game later. I hope it stops soon.

At least there is one thing standing separate from this version of Metro Exodus and others like it for other titles. There will be an option to bundle the Spartan Collector’s Edition and the Aurora Limited Edition so you can get everything in one sort of package. At least if you looking to drop $235 USD on Metro Exodus to get all of these things and the all of the game itself. If you are on the hunt for just the collectible items here, which will set you back $150 USD. Then you can sit back, look at all of these things, and wonder how the game actually played out…

Metro Exodus — Spartan Collector’s Edition

Deep Silver and 4A Games today revealed the Metro Exodus Spartan Collector’s Edition. Crafted from the highest quality materials, this custom package is now available to pre-order exclusively from here.

The Spartan Collector’s Edition includes:

  • A Premium Quality Artyom Statue: This highly detailed, hand-painted resin statue stands at 10.5 inches high and captures the iconic scene from the Metro Exodus announcement trailer of Artyom fighting off a deadly Watchman. Each statue is individually numbered.
  • Authentic Spartan Order Dog Tag: A finely crafted replica of Artyom’s Spartan Order tag.
  • “Artyom’s Memories” Collectible Postcards: Arytom’s most treasured items are postcards from the world before it was devastated by nuclear war. Fans of the Metro series will recognise Artyom’s collection, given to him by those he encounters on his journey. Each postcard carries a message from his closest friends and companions.
  • Spartan Order Patches: Two authentic Spartan Order patches.
Metro Exodus — Spartan Collector’s Edition

The Spartan Collector’s Edition comes in gigantic, barrel shaped packaging, based on an in-game design.

The Spartan Collector’s Edition can be purchased as a stand-alone item or complete with a copy of The Aurora Limited Edition, giving fans the choice of where and how they buy Metro Exodus.

The Aurora Limited Edition contains a copy of the game in an exclusive Steelbook, a beautiful “World of Metro” Art Book, and the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass, all contained within a bespoke metal outer case inspired by The Aurora).

The Spartan Collector’s Edition is priced at $149.99 USD stand-alone, or $234.99 USD when bundled with an Aurora Edition. It will be available in selected countries, and additional delivery charges may vary.

Fans should note that The Spartan Collector’s Edition is available in strictly limited supply.

What are your thoughts on this new bundle for Metro Exodus here? Are you curious as to why we are seeing more and more collector’s editions offered up without the game or is this how you like it all? Do you find it a bit shady to offer up something in this way and then not offer the actual game itself in the mix? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Metro Exodus, hopefully more gameplay, be sure to stick close to the site here. We will keep the updates coming at you with more on the brighter side soon.