Kingdom Hearts III Will Be Getting The Big Hero 6 Cast Back Together

Kingdom Hearts

The voice cast of Big Hero 6 will be back for Kingdom Hearts III as we get one more general update for how this Kingdom Hearts game is going

It looks like we have one more update for Kingdom Hearts III this week as it has been confirmed that the voice cast of Big Hero 6 will be back to make sure the game is as close to the source as possible. This really comes as no surprise given the voices that Square Enix has already secured for the game, but it is worth noting that they are coming back. This should add another level of "immersion" into Kingdom Hearts III as we will be able to hear all of the same cast talks at us just as they did in the film. If that is at least something you are looking for in your PS4 and Xbox One games.

All of this was confirmed through the official Kingdom Hearts social feeds as you can see below. It still leaves some other big names and IPs missing some of the voices we all know and love, but it is another addition to it all. Maybe we will see more of the cast of Toy Story come back here? Maybe even Hercules and Pirates too. Doubtful given we have parts of those IPs already listed for Kingdom Hearts III, but we can still hope. For now, we can sit back and know that we will have more of the Big Hero 6 crew on board with us as we all play in January.

Was this the voice cast you have been waiting to get confirmed for Kingdom Hearts III or are you still holding out for more? Does this truly add to your immersion or is it a nice throwback to the original sources for us all? Which character and voice are you still hoping will show up in the game at some point? Let us and the world know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If there is more for Kingdom Hearts III, we will have it all here. Just be sure to keep coming back to see and hear it all.