Spider-Man’s Next DLC May Have Been Dated In-Game


It looks like an in-game menu for Spider-Man may have set the release date for the next DLC coming to the ongoing story Spider-Man is handling

By now you have hopefully been able to dive into Spider-Man and its DLC that has already dropped out there. There has been quite a bit of time since both have popped up out there and it is another amazing title from Insomniac Games on the PS4. I know I have and have also been left wondering when the next part of Spider-Man's tale of The City That Never Sleeps will drop. There has been no official word or look at it as of yet. That is unless you want to use an in-game menu to tell you when this next DLC will be dropping.

We have been told since the announcement of Spider-Man's DLC that we would see on in October, then in November, and finally in December. The first one having a solid date and now it looks like November 20th will be the next date. Roughly a month after the last one came out and not skirting the holiday weekend in the North American region. It also looks like Hammerhead will be heading directly at us here in this new DLC and not a side character as we saw before. That last DLC being that where Spider-Man and Black Cat had a little thing going on to introduce the new crime family and other aspects.

Spider-Man — Turf Wars

Butt heads with Hammerhead in the new DLC, "The City That Never Sleeps: Turf Wars." Available November 20 in the PlayStation Store.

At his point, this is all we have to go on for an official release date for this Spider-Man DLC. We know the basics and have no clue if it will expand the costume list or add anything else besides more story to have. My guess is that we will see a few more suits and then the story here as it is all around the latest faction introduced in the last DLC. We could be surprised though. I know I was hoping for a few other of my favorite Spider-Man villains to show up in the game, but I will take any excuse to head back in and keep swinging around.

Do you think this is the official date for the Spider-Man DLC or just a placeholder that may change? What else do you think we will see with this new bit or will it just be the continuation of the previous story? Do you think this will point to the third installment to hit us around Christmas or will Insomniac Games give that DLC out slightly earlier than that? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Spider-Man and its DLC, be sure to keep coming back here. We will keep all of the updates coming at you as best we can.