Beat Saber Is Getting A Few Changes For The PS VR Version

Beat Saber

The release date for Beat Saber is coming up soon and it looks like the PS VR version of Beat Saber is getting a few “exclusives”

The release of Beat Saber on the PS4 is almost here as November 20th is the set date. Sure, it has been out there for many other VR platforms so far, but now we get to see how Beat Games has altered things to make it work for the PSVR. Not everyone has a Vive or Oculus, so it is just another chance for Beat Saber to hit a broader audience with its new and unique take on rhythm games. I know I have been enjoying it thus far and am eying the new platform to make sure more can play it and enjoy everything about it. Fight me.

I am sure that those playing the PC version of Beat Saber will still think it to be superior given all of the mods and support it has had while in Early Access, but it does look like there will be something along these lines in this version too. No, the PS4 version will not be allowing mods as the PC version, but this Beat Saber will be bringing along new and exclusive songs to this version and a few other items. That and an extra ten songs at a later date to further expand it all down the road. All of which will be something I can see the PC crowd adding in on their own time, but it is nice to see the team thinking about all players.

Along with the new songs for Beat Saber, we will be also seeing new sabers and modes, new modifiers, and a challenging campaign mixed in. Most of which can be found at this point in the PC version, but given the limitations, it is all something that will make this version much better. That is how I am seeing it though as the PSVR buy-in point is a lot lower than the PC. Have a look, though, and be the judge on where you want to play your version of Beat Saber.

Beat Saber — Gameplay

Dive into an immersive rhythm experience you have never seen before! Enjoy precisely handcrafted levels and exclusively created electronic dance music, all embedded in an appealing futuristic world. Slash the cubes to keep up with the adrenaline-pumping music… Let's swing to the beats.

These are some of the exclusive new content and features:

  • Challenging Campaign: Improve your game style every day by completing levels in our complex campaign, exclusively created for PS VR players.
  • Exclusive New Songs: Everyone loves Beat Saber’s Original Game Soundtrack. That’s why we bring you, above our well-know music hits, five new exclusive songs coming straight from excellent electronic dance music artists and talents from around the world.
  • Tons Of Modifiers: The game contains many modifiers to make your gameplay even more challenging and exciting every day.
  • Epic Sabers: Get ready for those shiny beasts because they look just amazing. Watch them glow and slash the cubes with style!
  • Practice Mode: We know practice makes perfect. In Beat Saber, you can start from any part of the level or even slow the game to practice problematic parts.
  • Party Mode: Entertain your friends and family and have fun together! Everyone can join and start playing in seconds! Who is going to win today?
  • One Saber Mode: Use only one saber for playing but be aware — there is no time for slacking. You will feel like a real life swordsman.
  • No Arrows Mode: The direction of your swing depends on you. How fast can you decide and make the best cut?
  • Global Leaderboards: Climb the global leaderboards and compete with other players from all around the world.

Are you excited to finally get to play Beat Saber on the PS4 or have you been playing for a while already? What do you think about the new features for the platform and will it turn into a Rock Band kind of game over time? Who do you think the artists are for the new songs and will they expand into other genres at some point? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Beat Saber, be sure to keep coming back here. We will keep all of the updates coming at you as best and fast as we can.