Rain Of Reflections Gets Its First Solid Bit Of Gameplay

Rain Of Reflections

The long-awaited gameplay for Rain Of Reflections is here and gamers who have been waiting so long can see kind of how Rain Of Reflections will play out

There has been a long wait, but here we are with the first true look at Rain Of Reflections’ gameplay. It has been over a year since we have seen much for the game from Lionbite Games, so anything will be taken here. Even if there is no end light in site as of yet for Rain Of Reflections, there is something to show us that the first chapter of it all will be coming to the PC still. That is at least how I am going to take it for now and truly hope that I am not let down as we move forward with everything.

While we have had a story trailer for Rain Of Reflections in the past, we also have a new description for this chapter of the game that came with this new video. Not only that, but the obvious look at how the world exploration, hacking games, dialogue and turn-based portions of the game will work. Even if it is a bit on the lighter side of descriptions here. At this point we should just be happy there is some form of update for Rain Of Reflections and then look out for a solid release date to download and start playing.

Have a look at the latest for Rain Of Reflections down below and see if it is living up to the hype the long wait has put out there.

Rain Of Reflections — Chapter 1

Lionbite Games is proud to finally present the first look at the gameplay in our upcoming dystopian adventure Rain Of Reflections, with a trailer consisting entirely of in-game, real-time footage.

The gameplay trailer briefly touches upon everything ranging from the world exploration and in-depth dialogues to the turn-based strategy components and hacking minigames.

The introductory Rain Of Reflections chapter — “Set Free” — centers around Wilona, a scientist working towards a solution to our future world’s sudden infertility. As she starts doubting the morality of the experiments, she decides to free the live subject — the lastborn child — from captivity. This will prove difficult, as powerful forces try to stop her.

Have you been waiting for Rain Of Reflections to have something new or did you lose track of the game in general? How do you feel about what we have to see here and does it look like the game will be something you will enjoy? Do you think we will get a solid release date for it all soon or will it just drop on us as this new footage did? Let us know down in the comments. We will keep an eye out for more on Rain Of Reflections and will update the site with it all when we find it.