Just Cause 4 Will Have All Kinds Of Animals Within

Just Cause

Wonder no more if Just Cause 4 was going to include new and specific animals as we have new footage showing off the wildlife of Just Cause 4

If for some reason you had any level of concern that Just Cause 4 would not have its animals again, it is time to put all of that to rest. That is, we have a new video fresh from Avalanche Studios that shows off all of the wildlife we will see in our adventures as well as some new ones just for this outing. This is obviously something that all of those hardcore fans out there were concerned with so Square Enix took to getting a new gameplay video for Just Cause 4 made to put those few at ease. Also to go into such depth on how this will immerse us more into the game when it launches on December 4th. You know, because some out there could not get into the craziness of the game's world without seeing some cute little animals along the way.

I fully get that this all sounds facetious, and it mostly is, but that is what we have here for Just Cause 4 right now. It does show us how the team is trying to make each biome feel and act differently even if these creatures have pretty much no gameplay impact. At least none that we have detailed here with all of the reasons for the looks of the creatures. It is all something we should be worried about so when we are firing off those tornado repelling canons we feel like we are saving some real llamas in the world. Seriously, have a look at them all down below and get ready for the wait until Just Cause 4 knowing they will be a thing.

Just Cause 4 — Animals

Welcome back to another Just Cause 4 Spotlight, where we take a look into the various types of animals: the cuteness to Just Cause 4’s chaos!

There are tons of new additions to the wildlife such as tapirs, various types of cattle and, of course, llamas!

All of that aside, we also do have word on the Expansion Pass that will be coming to Just Cause 4 in 2019. This is something you get a part of just for picking up one of the bigger bundles of the game, but it will bring with it three major bits of DLC after launch. Major if you are looking for a racing aspect to Just Cause 4, a weird demonic overtaking of the game's world, or a new secret group for Rico to take down. That is the basic of what we have been given outside of the following trailer too. Take a look and see it will be enough to entice you to drop more money on the game than just the basic level.

Just Cause 4 — Expansion Pass

Here’s a quick look at Just Cause 4’s Expansion Pass scheduled for 2019; Dare Devils, Demons, and Danger.

Included in the Gold Edition, this very special DLC series will take players through insane stunt-powered destruction derbies, deliver unprecedented levels of danger and place you against an unexpected, fierce enemy.

  • Pack 1, Dare Devils, takes racing and destruction to new heights as Rico battles the gangs of the Solís underground in heart stopping death races and rampage rallies.
  • Pack 2, Demons, Rico faces an ancient demonic force that infests Solís and poses a terrifying threat to its people.
  • Pack 3, Danger, Rico’s former employer mysteriously appears in Solís, bringing advanced technology, secret weapons and specially trained operatives.

Are you glad to see the variety of animals that will be in Just Cause 4 or will they still become background noise when you are destroying everything? Do you think that they will have some level of gameplay mixed in or will they just be there for the immersion aspect of it all? What are your thoughts on the new Expansion Pass that we have here or will you need more information before making up your mind? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If you are looking for more on Just Cause 4, just be sure to stick around here. We will keep bringing you the news and updates as we come across them all.