Go Down With The Ship As Layers Of Fear 2 Is Announced

Layers Of Fear

A new announcement for Layers Of Fear 2 is here as we finally get to see what a true sequel to Layers Of Fear will actually take on

Not that I am surprised by this at all, but it looks like we are officially getting a Layers Of Fear 2 here in the not too distant future. Yes, it looks like Bloober Team is hopping back in the saddle with their horror IP and this time we have Gun Media guiding the way. Another team of people who know how to bring us horror in our video games. Not a bad duo to be on board for Layers Of Fear 2 here with the pun fully intended as you will get as you read further along. At least for those who are interested in seeing this game launch in 2019. My best guess will be October of that year, but as of now we have just the year.

We also have a nice little teaser trailer that reveals Layers Of Fear 2 here and very little more on what is going on in the game. As you will see here, it takes place on a desolate ship, thus making all those jokes above relevant, and also brings back all of the fun we knew from the first Layers Of Fear and its expansion. That is all of the weird mind-bending visuals and fear of not know what is going to pop up around the corners. Let us just hope that there is a better story to give out here so we do not waste the talents of Tony Todd who will be voicing part of the game. True horror fans will know who that is. The rest of you can go Google that.

Layers Of Fear 2 — The Reveal

Set on a desolate ship, Layers Of Fear 2 will rely on the claustrophobic, ever-changing environments to keep players in the dark, never knowing what horror to expect around every corner and through every door. The feeling of uneasiness and terror will be enhanced by influences from classic cinematography ranging from the experimental works of Georges Méliès to the twists and turns used by Alfred Hitchcock.

Layers Of Fear 2 will release in 2019.

Did you expect to hear about a new Layers Of Fear game here or did you think that the IP was over once the expansion came out? Do you think that it is in better hands with the new publisher here or will it still all fall on the development team to make it worth our time? What do you think will be the reason for us going into this ship or will we just wake up there as is used so often in horror games? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments. As we learn more for Layers Of Fear 2, you will learn more. At least if you keep coming back here to check out what we have on the site.