It Is Time To Build A Whole New City With The Sinking City

The Sinking City

A new behind-the-scenes look at The Sinking City shows off the new tools that the team has crafted to actually build the world of The Sinking City

There have been a whole lot of dark looks at The Sinking City so far, which is not too surprising given the material they are working with. That is why it is now time to take a step on the brighter side with the game and have a look at how Frogwares and Bigben Interactive have put everything together here. Specifically the city and town of The Sinking City and the new system that they have built to make the process a bit easier and streamlined to turn them out rather quickly. That and to be able to do so using real-world locations as the basis and then populate with game assets. You will see what I am talking about shortly.

In the following video for The Sinking City, we have a look at the City Generator system that the team has built and then took on a challenge to rebuild a real-world area in under eight hours with it. Spoiler alert, they were able to do it and base it off the real layout of Istanbul but using the assets from The Sinking City to fill it all in. Something that can be changed as it randomly fills in the world with the assets that are defined and can be swapped. The main focus is that it was all built on the layout of the real city and basic maps to start with. Have a look and see what I am talking about and then expect to see it out there for others to use after the game launches on March 21st next year.

The Sinking City — ‘Istanbul Challenge’

Heya folks, today we want to show you something special! We’ll try to recreate a part of a city in our City Generator — the same tool we use to build the map in The Sinking City. It’s a fun challenge for us, and also a test for City Generator, which we are planning to release it alongside the game.

How impressed are you with the new system that has been built here for The Sinking City? Do you think it will be something used by developer en masse or something that will stay localized just for this title? Would you be interested in seeing more real-world locations used in your video games in this way or would you rather leave it all to true artists and less programming? Let us and the world out there know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. For more on The Sinking City in all of its aspects, just keep coming back here. We will keep it all coming to you as best that we can and hopefully we will not let you down.