Get To Know Control’s Protagonist, Jesse Faden, Just A Bit More


The latest developer diary is here for Control and this one goes into detail on Control’s Protagonist, Jesse Faden, and how she was formed

The next installment of Control’s ongoing developer diaries is now here. This time we get to go for a ride through the process of how Remedy has tackled the creation of their latest protagonist Jesse Faden for the game. I know you have seen her in all of the past videos for Control, but now it is time to put a face to the voice and motion capture as well as look at how the team came up with her look. Something that also dives into the personality and past of the character when you start to get into the nitty-gritty. That is unless you do not want to wait until next year before you get to see it all unfold on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

As we have heard before, Jesse Faden is not the usual person we would expect for the FBC in the world of Control. It seems a bit odd that she would be selected to take over when the recent head of the organization is removed. It could all link back to the new and mysterious events from her childhood that we get to hear about here. That always makes one qualified for a job like this. At least she does not have to sacrifice any of her style in the process as it looks like the team has employed a full costume designer to work with the artists for Control so everything fits and has a place for the character. So much can be subtlety conveyed in this way and they are doing this as well as they can.

Control — Introducing Jesse Faden

Dev Diary 4 is all about our new protagonist, Jesse Faden. Even though Jesse is an outsider to the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), she is not an outsider to the unexplained. Everything seems familiar in some sort of weird way…

Watch Mikael Kasurinen, Eevi Korhonen, Sam Lake, Heli Salomaa, and Courtney Hope talk about Jesse Faden in this fourth installment of the Control Dev Diaries.

It also looks like we may be getting more of the live action footage that Remedy is known for in Control. It makes more sense when you see that they more or less modeled Jesse after the actor that they tapped for the role. Also based on the little tease that we get near the end where we see a full studio-like shoot going on to show off the former head of the FBC. This is definitely something that the team like to play and blend into their games and it looks like things will only get better with Control here. Unless this is all some ruse and we are looking further into something that is not there…

What are your thoughts on Jesse here for Control and the process the team has taken to build her up? Do you have more questions about why she is in the role she is in now or is it all making more sense to you? Do you think we will have way more live action footage in the game or will it blend seamlessly between it all and bring us one step closer to a full crossover? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more footage for Control, be sure to keep checking back here. We will keep you as well informed as we can. I know I cannot wait to see and hear more.