Bridges Are Going To Burn In The Next Episode Of The Council

The Council

New screenshots for the fourth episode of The Council are here and it looks like the story of The Council is taking a darker turn

The next episode of The Council is almost upon us as September 25th is the date we will be able to continue this story of alternate history and intrigue. Not only the next episode, but the fourth (will not use that specific word) one from Big Bad Wolf as they expand on all of this to even greater heights. Some heights that have been placed way up there in terms of the episodic storytelling genre that The Council is in and many other needs to borrow from. At least in my own opinion as the RPG elements of it all definitely keep things going where other would have a massive lull. But I digress…

In terms of story, it looks like Louis is getting in deeper with the occult side of The Council to see what is truly driving everything in the world. At least based on these screenshots we have to go along with this announcement here. It could just be how the location in the game is looking, but it definitely has that otherworldly feel to it all. Given that this is all in the underbelly of Mortimer's island, it could mean a whole lot more has been going on with The Council over the years in terms of story. Have a look for yourself and then let all of those speculation gears turn as we wait one more week until we are able to play it all.

The Council: Burning Bridges — Screenshot The Council: Burning Bridges — Screenshot The Council: Burning Bridges — Screenshot The Council: Burning Bridges — Screenshot

The fourth episode of The Council, the narrative adventure game redefining the genre with RPG mechanics and consequences for every choice, releases this month on September 25th.

Episode 4: Burning Bridges sees allegiances explained, rivalries come to a head, and the ghosts of the past begin to catch up to the inhabitants of the island. Your decisions will haunt you as you decide the fate of Louis, Mortimer, and the world itself.

Witness Louis’ first encounter with the catacombs beneath Mortimer’s island in a set of new screenshots. The characters and their fates are bound to your choices, and shown here is just one way things can go — how will your endgame begin?

Have you been keeping up with The Council so far or have you been holding off to play it all in one solid sitting? DO you think that this is some true otherworld thing going on here or just how the atmosphere is set up for the caverns? What are your hot theories as to what is going on in The Council and do you think it will pay off as it has built up? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. We will have more for the game in due time and when we do; it will be up on the site for you. All you have to do is keep your eyes open for all of it to come at you.