Meet The Horde Up Close And Personal In World War Z

World War Z

A new gameplay video for World War Z is here and it focuses on the massive and dynamic swarm simulations that World War Z will have within

Love it or hate it, World War Z the film gave us a great visual on how the undead swarms can move and attack in a realistic style. There is little doubt on that and I am guessing this is why Saber Interactive has placed some great focus on this part of their game and engine they are working with when it comes to the video game version of it all. There is something terrifying about seeing hundreds of undead sprinting at you and you have limited weapons and ammo. That is why I am glad to see it a huge focal point in World War Z here for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Now we get to see just a bit more on this horde and how it will flow in the game and I hope you will see it too.

As you will see in the latest gameplay for World War Z, we will have hundreds of the undead on the screen at once and the swarm will move and react to the world in a dynamic manner. I have experienced this in past demos I have played and you can kind of see it here. These are not just scripted events and will flow as one would assume. They also will react to the weapons and explosives we will be using in the game to keep ourselves alive over the different locations and missions. They will not swarm to the new gore and viscera, as we knew they would not from the past World War Z incarnations, but they will react to the new physical items out there. At least as it all looks right now.

Have a look at the new footage for World War Z now and see just what we can expect from the horde in the game. It is a rather impressive feat that Saber has made it too here and it should only get better as the development moves along. At least that is a general hope and want from everyone.

World War Z — Introducing: The Horde

Watch the newest gameplay trailer showing off how World War Z harnesses the power of Saber Interactive’s Swarm Engine to bring to un-life to the series’ trademark hordes of fast-moving, fast-killing zombies.

You’ll face off against hundreds of zombies of different types on screen at a time, rushing as a pack to overwhelm your defenses. Dynamic swarm simulation, adaptive spawn control, diverse zombie mechanics, and an advanced gore system all combine for the ultimate zombie shooter experience. Play with friends or on your own with AI teammates to stay alive against these relentless swarms in all their bloody glory.

What do you think about the hordes in World War Z as we see them now? Do you see the true dynamic flow that they will be taking in the game here or do they still look scripted to you? Do you think we will see a point where we will have thousands of Zed on the screen running at us at one point or will that even matter in the long run? Let us know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss. For more on World War Z in any form, keep checking in on the site here. We will keep all of the new information flowing out there like the undead we just saw.