Take A Walk Through Some New Gameplay For A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale

The gameplay from A Plague Tale: Innocence’s E3 demo is now here for all to see and experience all of the gameplay options in A Plague Tale

Just in case my words from the E3 impressions for A Plague Tale: Innocence did not paint the best brain picture for you, or you just wanted to see how the gameplay actually rolled out, then get ready for a whole lot of it out of Gamescom. It seems like a long wait for Asobo Studio to actually give this out the public in a solid way, but it is what it is. Do not knock it or we will not get it in the future and we will be regulated to secondhand updates from Focus Home Interactive instead. Back on topic though, we now have the sixteen-minute demo for A Plague Tale: Innocence that shows us all how the game has progressed and a little more on what to expect.

As described before, we get to see the trio of characters in A Plague Tale traveling though a location a bit of a way into the game. Specifically we get to see how Amicia and Hugo traverse the dangerous landscape and use a few different options for sling ammo. Not only that, but we get to see the various ways to handle not only the rats but also the guards out and about searching for the kids. The reasons are still to be discovered for that, but it makes for another menace we will have to navigate and use to get through. I say use as we can use their dropped bodies to lure the rats to locations in A Plague Tale as well. Not too shabby at all.

Have a look at what you may have missed for A Plague Tale: Innocence out at E3 and technically Gamescom now. All in an uncut way and in some gorgeous 4K gameplay footage. That is another side of the game that Asobo Studio has seemed to do extremely well here as you are about to see.

A Plague Tale: Innocence — Uncut Gameplay

In this gameplay sequence, which was unveiled behind closed door to journalists at E3 last June, we follow Amicia and her young brother Hugo through a small portion of one of the game’s chapters — the site of a brutal clash between the armies of France and England, currently locked in what will be known as the Hundred Years’ War.

The story of A Plague Tale begins in 1349. Rats swarm in uninterrupted waves throughout the territory of France. In the plague-ridden villages, countryside and battlefields, this uncontrollable and voracious mass advances relentlessly. The creatures devour everything in their path, men and animals alike, to satisfy the endless hunger of their ever-increasing numbers. In the midst of hundreds of piled corpses, hordes of rats teem over the bodies and leave little hope for Amicia and Hugo to escape with their lives — the faint glow of the flame Amicia holds appears to be the only thing that repels A Plague Tale: Innocence’s swarming menace.

How are you feeling about A Plague Tale: Innocence now that you have seen it a bit more in action here? Did the words from before paint the same picture or did you see something you did not before? How many other types of ammo and crafting do you think we will get to see in the game or will it be focused on what we have here at about five chapters in? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on A Plague Tale: Innocence, keep your browser locked into the site here. We will keep all the updates coming at you as best that we can.