Fear The Wolves Is Finally Hitting Early Access On Steam

Fear The Wolves

The new date for Fear The Wolves’ Early Access has been set and we can all look to be playing Fear The Wolves before the end of August

It looks as if that delay that Fear The Wolves had was just as short as we were all promised as we now know when the Early Access will be hitting Steam. The PS4 and Xbox One gamers will still need to wait until 2019 to actually get hands-on with the game, but Vostok Games has made their changes since the closed beta and we can now expect to be playing the game before the end of August. That does not leave much room for those keeping current count of the days. I guess it is good that we now know that the PC gamers out there can be enjoying Fear The Wolves on August 28th if they so choose to do so. I would.

To recap for those not familiar with Fear The Wolves as of yet, it is a Battle Royale game set in post-apocalypse Chernobyl. One player will be left standing out of the hundred that start the match and most everything else plays like we would assume. The difference is that Fear The Wolves has more environmental dangers to have to deal with as well as other beasties stalking the lands. So it is more of a PvPvE kind of ordeal where everything is out to kill you. I hope it is enough to make it shine in a world full of Battle Royale titles already flooding the market.

Fear The Wolves — Release Date

Focus Home Interactive and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. veterans at Vostok Games are proud to announce that Battle Royale FPS Fear The Wolves will enter Steam Early Access on August 28. Combining traditional last-man-standing gameplay with PVE elements and unique radiation, weather, and endgame extraction mechanics, Fear The Wolves guarantees an intense, atmospheric experience in the decaying ruins of Chernobyl.

Fear The Wolves enters Early Access with an additional six weeks of development and testing in closed beta. With game performance and balancing now refined, it’s time for Fear The Wolves to be enjoyed by an even wider audience on Steam.

Vostok Games are keen to receive further feedback and improve the game alongside a growing community of players interested in the next evolution of Battle Royale. The first Early Access version already features the core gameplay and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. vibe, and there is much more already in development.

A new map and mode, more weapons, items, mutants, and weather – Vostok Games promise regular, large content patches, with a full plan of the update timeline available on the Steam page throughout development. The community will also play their part, with feedback welcome on everything from weapon balance to new ideas for Fear The Wolves’ unique weather and PvE systems. Further work on server and game stability will also continue for as long as needed.

Vostok Games are greatly looking forward to experiencing the game with the wider PC audience and getting to work adding to the Early Access version ahead of a full release in 2019.

Have you been waiting for Fear The Wolves to finally come to Early Access or are you going to hold off until the full release? Did you think that they were going to miss the mark or did you know that they would pull it off in the end? What part of the new experience are you looking forward to in the game and do you think it will evolve to something completely new in the long run? Let us have all of those thoughts and feelings in the comments and then discuss away. For more on Fear The Wolves, just keep coming back to the site here. We will keep the information flowing out there to you and you will be glad that you stuck around.