Spider-Man Will Have All Kinds Of Tricks Up His ‘Sleeves’


A whole lot more gameplay for Spider-Man is here with some commentary from one of the heads bringing this new Spider-Man title to us all

With just under a month to go until Spider-Man hits our PS4 hard, we are all looking for more gameplay and tidbits to get further excited for the game. If you are not, then what are you here? I know I am and I am glad to say that Insomniac Games has a little more to offer us all with some explanations behind some of these mechanics we may not have seen so far. One of the bigger ones being if Spider-Man can pull off some of those sweet moves we all know he should be able to do in the air. Spoiler alert, we can now see how that will function in the game and it is all attached to an upgrade system to further push Spidey beyond his eight years of training already.

Down below you will see eighteen more minutes of Spider-Man with only a little bit mixed in that we have seen before. All of which looks to be pulled from the first major mission in the game as well as the first time we get to play as Peter, not in the suit. There are a few of the classic moves and combat we know from before, but it does look like there are true reasons to item placement in the world and how we will unlock things in the game's map. Not to mention we have a look at how the option stealth can work in the game. While not required, it is recommended at some points for Spider-Man to not go in web shooters a-blazin'.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to see a whole lot more of Spider-Man and what to expect on September 7th here. That is if you have pre-ordered and are all ready for a nice weekend of wall-crawling and beating up bad guys. Also maybe having a look around a Marvel version of New York as it will have some of those locations and such. Even if we are not able to access them fully in this outing of Spider-Man.

Spider-Man — Tips And Tricks With Insomniac

We talk to Marvel’s Spider-Man Creative Director Bryan Intihar about the new gameplay including mid-air tricks and how to unlock new skills and gadgets!

What is your new take on Spider-Man after seeing some of the new mechanics for the game here? Do you like how the swinging tricks will be handled or were you hoping to have them from the start of the game? How often do you think we will get to play as someone other than Spidey as we know it will happen in the game already? Let us have those answers and other thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss away. When we have more to share for Spider-Man, it will be here. Be sure to keep coming back for all of that in due time.