Get Even More Joy Out Of We Happy Few With The Uncle Jack Live VR Experience

We Happy Few

To further promote and expand on We Happy Few, we now have the We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR experience to enjoy and entertain us

If you cannot wait to get your fix of Joy when We Happy Few finally launches on August 10th here, then you will be glad to know that you can get a smaller fix right now. At least if you have a PSVR and want to dive into the world Compulsion Games has built before it all launches. How do you do that? Well, they have just released We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR for us all to experience and it is currently FREE for those who want to and can enjoy it. Of course you want to. You need the extra Joy in your life right now…

We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR is a new experience for the core game that will place you in the role of guest producer for the Uncle Jack broadcast. You may have seen some of these in the past promotions or trailers for the game, but now you are going to be right in the heart of it all. You will get to help him with his broadcast and make choices that will get you either on his good side or end up canceling the show. Also during a Downer outbreak in the studio that you will also have to fend off and keep everyone filled with Joy. Not too bad for a free thing.

In addition to the experience here, we will also have access to the media archive for We Happy Few where we can listen and watch Uncle Jack's broadcasts, listen to some of the game's soundtrack, view past trailers, and other parts of the game in a nice VR setting. There is no word on if this will be part of the full game or just part of the We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR experience, but I have a feeling that players all around will be able to enjoy it in one way or another. It would seem weird for Compulsion Games to give all of these extras and not have them available for the non-PSVR platforms.

We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR — Screenshot We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR — Screenshot We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR — Screenshot We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR — Screenshot

We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR Is Available Now In PlayStation Store

Wakey wakey, everyone! It’s a lovely day to announce the launch of We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR!

In this PlayStation-exclusive virtual reality experience, help Wellington Wells’ own Uncle Jack put together a broadcast that will bring Joy to Wellies everywhere!

As the newest member of Uncle Jack’s production team, you’ll assist Wellington Wells’ media darling to create an appropriate broadcast for the citizens of Wellington Wells by choosing articles for him to read on-air. But that’s not your only concern — a Downer outbreak will develop throughout the studio, meaning you’ll have to simultaneously find a way to get them back on their Joy — after all, the show must go on!

Outside of the broadcast, Uncle Jack Live VR also includes a positively smashing media archive of Uncle Jack episodes, soundtrack selections, trailers, and more! Explore the past and present of We Happy Few, all in a cozy VR setting.

We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR is now available for FREE in the PlayStation Store! While you’re there, be sure to pre-order We Happy Few to receive 15% off the total price and the exclusive Jolly Brolly bonus weapon!

How are you feeling about this We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live VR that we have here? DO you think it will be available in non-VR form for the other platforms or will it truly be an exclusive for those who have the additional hardware? How dynamic do you think the choices will be in the end or will it only give a few different options and hope we do not see the similarities along the way? Let us and the world know what you are thinking down in the comments and spread your Joy. For more on We Happy Few, though, be sure to keep checking in here as we will have those updates in short order.