See The World As A Bee In The Upcoming Bee Simulator

Bee Simulator

A new simulation game, Bee Simulator, is heading to us all so we can see what life could be like in a recreated world just for Bee Simulator

It is a wonderful time in gaming we living in when we can simulate any experience we can think of and the next one is coming in the way of Bee Simulator. Yes, you read that correctly. If we can everything from Goat Simulator to Job Simulator, why can we not have this title from VARSAV added into the mix? It gives us all just another one of those fantasies to live out and I will not know Bee Simulator for that. Not to mention that it also sounds to be more than just a simulator when all is said and done. So, it could shape up to be another great title to add to the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch when it releases this Fall.

More or less, Bee Simulator is about how it sounds when you look at the basics. We will be a worker bee in a hive of honeybees and need to go about the usual things that bees do. We will be able to fly around a location that is based on Central Park in New York, pick up pollen to bring back to the hive, shake our little bee butts to "dance" and communicate, and also be able to use our stinger. We will have to watch out for wasps, angry humans, and other threats that we will need to defend ourselves and the hive from. Given that Bee Simulator has a story built in around the hive possibly being destroyed, it seems like the right thing to mix in. Even if we are not killer bees just yet.

Have a look at the trailer we have for Bee Simulator and see how some of the gameplay will be handled in the game. Then try to figure out if this is the simulation you have been waiting for or just another one to keep us and VARSAV all going until their next release. It does look like it will have potential even for those not interested in being surrounded by bees.

Bee Simulator — Gamescom 2018

See the world through the eyes of a bee! Compete with other bees in races, collect pollen, perform waggle dances, and explore a world inspired by Central Park in New York. Play it with your family or friends, choosing between three modes, including co-op and vs. split-screen.

When the first rays of sunlight rise above the horizon, the beehive slowly wakes up. Hierarchy and diligence are vital for the wellbeing of the whole swarm. So you check your wings, measure the antennae degree of deviation, take orders from the Queen, and bee-gin your first independent mission. And that’s just the beginning of your adventures. Suddenly, you learn that people want to cut down the tree that holds your hive. Now your fate — and the fate of your whole family — lies in your small, agile legs and fast wings!

What do you think about Bee Simulator as it all stands here? Do you think it is the next simulation we all need or just another to add to the list? How do you think the saving of the hive will work out and will we be able to weaponize the whole swarm at some point? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If we have more to share for Bee Simulator, we will share it all here. Just be sure to keep checking back in to see it all.