Rinoa Heartilly Joins The Fight In Dissidia Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy

Another character from Final Fantasy VIII fame will be joining the fight in Dissidia Final Fantasy in the not too distant future

Add one more character to the list of fighters in Dissidia Final Fantasy as Rinoa is making the jump in to the fight here soon. There is no word on how soon from Team Ninja, but she is joining in and bringing her own flare of fighting to the arena. You may remember her from Square Enix's eighth installment to the Final Fantasy franchise. Maybe not, depending on how far back you have been playing the franchise up to now as they do seem to be going back and pulling some of the less famous characters in the IP.

There is no word on when she will be joining in the mix of Dissidia Final Fantasy, but we can see her in action just a bit here. It does look a lot like the same basics we have seen from all of the other characters out there just with the different "skin" added on, but it does give us one more option to play when she does come in. Have a look at her in action just below and get ready if this all happens to be your bag in general.

Dissidia Final Fantasy — Rinoa Heartilly

If that was not enough of Rinoa for Dissidia Final Fantasy, we also have more gameplay to look at that kind of breaks down her movements and attacks. It is all in Japanese so not everyone out there will be able to understand it, but at least it shows off a bit more. That and a little more on the alternate costume for Rinoa that shows off the changes we can expect to make the jump over from her Final Fantasy game. Have a look at that now and get ready to see Rinoa in the mix. I do not know how many times I can say that in this update…

Dissidia Final Fantasy — Rinoa Heartilly

Are you glad to see Rinoa joining in on Dissidia Final Fantasy here or were you hopeful for a different character to join in? DO you agree that she looks to act like many of the other characters in the game or does she look vastly different for you? Who do you hope will make the jump into the game here? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more Dissidia Final Fantasy updates and news, be sure to keep coming back to the site here. We will do our best to update you here.