Past Cure Is Getting Updated To Flesh Out More Of The Story & Sanity

Past Cure

A major update is coming for Past Cure and it aims to fix some of the big issues that Past Cure came with when it originally launched

Maybe you remember, or maybe you do not remember the nice, small title called Past Cure from a few months back. It launched on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC and it seemed to have so much potential but left a lot of reviewers wondering a few things Phantom 8 Studio did in development. You can read that as Past Cure was not the best or worst received title of the time as it seemed to have a few holes in it or something that needed to be fleshed out. That was at least partly my take on it back then and I was hoping that something would be done to push it over into a title everyone needed to play.

It looks like the voices of the many have been heard as we are getting a nice big update for Past Cure that sounds like it could fix some of the issues, but also add in things that should have been there from launch. The patch is currently available for the PC version of the game and coming to the consoles soon, but we do have a look at just what it will be adding to the game for those who want to give it another chance. Things like level redesigns, addition powers to be used, more story to be told, and a whole reworking to the sanity meter of Past Cure too boot. You can get a bit of taste just below in the latest trailer.

Past Cure — Patch V2 Release Trailer

New areas and redesigned levels

Entirely new areas have been created to enable more immersive gameplay in levels that have been redesigned to offer a more challenging, and ultimately more enjoyable experience for the player.

More mind-bending abilities

In Past Cure, players have many different abilities, but to create more ways to play, and feel even more powerful, two new abilities have been added.

  • Mind Bash allows you to stun or kill enemies and destroy objects within the environment.
  • Mind Fly creates a shield around Ian, which utilizes sanity as the hits reign in, giving you a useful addition to your journey, but one that comes at a cost.

A story that continues to unfold

Throughout Past Cure, cinematics have been reworked to tell more of the story loved by its fans, and splintered across its levels are more elements of the backstory to discover.

Reworked Sanity Meter

The new sanity meter doesn’t recover from under 35%, and as it depletes toward zero, the nightmares from Ian’s dream world begin to surface in the real world, creating a new threat. Ian will have to decide upon fight or flight against these new foes until his sanity recovers.

All of this sounds and looks good in the trailer here, but it all still boils down to actual "practice." That is, we need to see it actually work and function in a live version of Past Cure and not a trailer cut to highlight it all. I am curious on the sanity meter changes as it did always seem odd to have it recover on its own and have no real consequences to it being low. Unless these were things we were supposed to see or experience and then never did. I know I did not have any of them pop up when I played. It almost made it unneeded in Past Cure before and I hope this makes the whole experience that much better.

What are your thoughts on the changes and additions coming to Past Cure here? Do these make it look like the game that you were hoping for out of the gate or is it too little, too late for you? Did you ever get to experience the things described for the low sanity meter or will this all be something new for you in replaying the game? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Past Cure, if there is more, be sure to keep checking back in here. We will have it all as best we can.