More Of The “New Weird” Will Be Introduced In Control’s Story


The first developer diary for Control is here to explain how the team went about constructing the world and story of Control

So far, what has been shown for Control has been impressive and it looks like we could be getting ready for another great hit from Remedy. It does seem to tick off a lot of what we all have come to expect from the developer and now that their title will be coming to the PS4 on top of the Xbox One and PC, it looks like it could all be more promising for the team to do well. All that needs to happen now is to make sure that the world and story of Control work just as well as the mechanics and we are all golden for a nice new franchise to pine over. Not the loftiest of demands, but it is all something that we are all waiting for to find out the full details.

While they may not be the full details, we do have another look at the story coming from Control that we may all be engrossed in and see how they have taken a seemingly different approach to it all with this title. Here we have the first of many developer diaries to come and this one covers the story of the game. Well, at least a bit of how it was crafted and what influences we can expect to see in Control. It looks like the team is going with something called the "New Weird" when it comes to the genre. This would be a mixing of Sci-Fi and Horror with a little extra flare to make what we already know a bit weirder. Kind of like Stranger Things and The X-Files did when they first launched. At least that is my take on it.

Control — Introducing The Story

We will be starting a series of Dev Diaries for Control which will introduce and tease different aspects of the game. The first episode introduces the story of Control.

I know, I know. Not much more for Control was truly explained here outside of the direction we can expect the story to go in. Also the fact that Remedy is changing up their process in creation by building a world first and then telling a story inside it. Before it always seemed to be they told a story and then filled in the world as it was needed. I am still thinking that Control is still all part of some shared universe with their other titles and that will be one of the big reveals near the end of it all. It would be weird for those who have not been able to play their older titles, but I can easily see it coming at this point.

What do you think on all of this for Control, though? Do you agree that it seems like they are building a world and then telling a story or are they telling a story and fleshing out the world as they see fit? Do you think it could all lead to one big shared universe for their titles or is that diving too far down a rabbit hole than we should at this point? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. As we find out more for Control, we will share it all with you here. Just be sure to keep checking back in to see and hear it all in the coming weeks and months.