Words May Not Dictate Life Within The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man

A minor update to The Quiet Man may provide a bit more to the core of the game and just what we may be experiencing in The Quiet Man

If you caught the live stream that Square Enix had during E3 then you most likely caught the small teaser for the upcoming game called The Quiet Man. By small, I am mean that it showed very little in terms of actual gameplay and focused a bit more on the live action video that was there to tease it all. It was strange, but The Quiet Man caught the eyes of many even though it all looks to be a brawler, based on the video at least, and that the protagonist may be deaf and/or mute. No one will blame you as it all flashed by rather quickly and then left more quests for the stream that has yet to be answered. More so since Human Head Studios has only stated that more will come in August.

Just in case you forgot what I am talking about for The Quiet Man, here is the trailer that played during the odd live stream many were treated to. Maybe you will get more out of it than the rest of us did.

The Quiet Man — E3 2018 Teaser

While I do not doubt that we will see more for The Quiet Man in August, it looks like that may not be the specific case altogether. That is if you do not want to take into account the most recent words from the game's producers as an update. Even if it is a small one and does not dive too deep into the game. At least in terms of mechanics, but it does go into one of the core thoughts of The Quiet Man and how the characters of the world may be connected. Through the lack of words and other means is the short answer. The longer answer delves into a bit more of the instinct and base emotions of the human condition. Have a read just below to understand.

“Words” are truly amazing. They possess the power even to change the world. This is undeniable. For me personally, words are as precious as they are valuable. That said, I believe we as humans are capable of connections that transcend words—for example, an infant need only to look into his mother’s eyes to know he is safe and loved. And in a world that overflows with cascades of words taken for granted, I can’t help but think it’s often difficult to realize such connections exist.

Words shape consciousness; indeed, some even say that “words are life.” But what if we were to cast aside such a life? What if somehow, we were able to understand one another through connections formed heart to heart, soul to soul, and could once again look into one another’s eyes and form a bond so pure? This concept lies at the core of The Quiet Man. Feelings that remain after words are abandoned, feelings that can be conveyed even without words—aren’t these the feelings that are truly important in this life?

It is an interesting concept to dive into here, but so far I have yet to see how that is the case for The Quiet Man. All I have seen is a misunderstanding and some ass kicking in terms of gameplay and not the core concept mentioned above. This could be that the team is trying to pull a fast one on us to keep us intrigued and connected to the game. It could also be that the rest of the game is like this and Square Enix wanted something exciting to show for The Quiet Man during their stream and the core concept discussed would not be it. I guess we have to wait until August now to find out for certain.

How are you feeling about The Quiet Man after all of this and what we had from before? Do you see the connections that are being described here or was the trailer more sizzle than actual game as usual? How do you think something like this could be shown off during a video game and do you think Human Head Studios will be able to pull it off? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on The Quiet Man, though, be sure to keep checking in here and reading all of the words we have to offer on it. It is kind of the only way we have to connect with you all.