The Closed Alpha For Battlefield V Has Kicked Off & Here Is A Look At It


Footage from the closed alpha of Battlefield V is here and it gives us all a look at the current state of Battlefield V and its operations

It looks like the closed alpha for Battlefield V is now in full swing and that means we have a whole lot more to look at the game in terms of gameplay here. At least for those who were not lucky enough to swag one of these keys as of yet and still want to see how DICE has changed up the franchise and set things up for the new title. I am sure that this number will dwindle given how things normally go, but if EA holds out more of those keys for those who pre-order Battlefield V, this may be one of the few ways to see how the game has progressed. Unless you want to be totally surprised by everything when October 16th hits and you load the game up on your PS4, Xbox One, or PC. That is on you.

What you do get to see here for Battlefield V is one of the operations we can play in multiplayer and how the four different classes come loaded. In all honesty, it looks and feels just like every other Battlefield title to date, just with better visuals and different locations to shoot up. I do like some of the other minor changes placed in there like the calling out for help when bleeding out. If you hold it longer, your bleed out meter slows a bit to allow for medics to reach you. It also allows for other enemies to find you and place grenades at your feet, but it is a new and immersive change that adds a little to the whole experience.

Battlefield V — Closed Alpha Gameplay

Kotaku's Paul Tamayo and Heather Alexandra take a brief look at the first closed alpha for Battlefield V and show off what's new.

After seeing all of that, how do you feel about Battlefield V now? Do you think it will have more of those little tweaks in there to give you a deeper feeling for the game or will it still devolve into the free-for-all shooter they always do when the public gets a hold of it? Is it weird to you that they are also holding a closed alpha so close to launch when it should be in beta at this point? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss away. For more on Battlefield V, please keep checking in here. We will keep the updates flowing as best we can and hopefully be able to stream our own footage of these titles in the future.