New Gameplay For Metro Exodus Is Here To Explain Even More

Metro Exodus

Even more gameplay for Metro Exodus is here from E3 and this bit explains a bit more than some of us did not get to experience in Metro Exodus so far

If there is a true testament to how large the world of Metro Exodus and how vast the gameplay mechanics are in the game, it has to be with this latest showing of gameplay that we have here today. I was personally able to sit down and give the game a bit of a play a few weeks ago and see just what 4A Games had for us and, while impressed, apparently I missed out a whole lot given the different variations we all could have gone. That is why it is nice for Deep Silver to have a few more of these gameplay videos cut that highlight even more of the demo shown at E3 for Metro Exodus as I know I totally missed them all.

I am sure you are feeling a bit lost based on what I have said just above. First, go back and read the earlier coverage on Metro Exodus out of E3 and then hop on back and see what was missed by myself and also left out of the gameplay video we have now. For instance, I never ran into the amazing new system of patching up the gas mask in the game that we get to see here. It will take damage and get dirty like before, but now we have the option patch it up in the field while sacrificing some visibility in the process. There is also a better explanation on the main workbench and the travel workbench we will now have in Metro Exodus.

All of that and another look at how the same mission area can be tackled in Metro Exodus as none of it went down the same way that I was able to experience. Not just in the fanciness of the gameplay we see captured here, but also in the way to go about the missions and side missions. I went a very stealth path the whole time and we can see just how things can change on the fly in this new footage. Have a look and see just how dynamic Metro Exodus may end up being when it finally launches on February 22nd.

Metro Exodus — E3 2018 Gameplay

In Metro Exodus, you'll explore vast open levels as you journey across post-apocalyptic Russia.

In this extended gameplay demo, 4A Games will guide you through some of the brand new features we're adding to the game to support this bold new design vision, including new crafting mechanics, weapon customization and more.

You'll discover how 4A has taken the gripping, atmospheric experience that Metro is famed for, and added a new level of freedom and player choice, to create their most ambitious title yet — Metro Exodus!

Did you catch more of the differences that I did in Metro Exodus based on this footage and my own experience from before? How do you feel about the new patchwork options and crafting mechanics we are getting added in? Do you think that resources will truly be as limited as they were before or will it be only a matter of search and hunting at the end of the day? Let everyone out there know what you are thinking down in the comments and feel free to discuss. For more on Metro Exodus, be sure to keep your browser locked in to the site here. We will have a lot more in the coming days…