Get Ready To Taste The Insanity Coming With The Sinking City

The Sinking City

A new trailer for The Sinking City is here to give us a bit of a look at the madness within as well as a release date for The Sinking City

One of the titles I was sorry to miss out on at E3 this year had to be The Sinking City. It may look and be another Lovecraftian story or tale to add into the mix of the many coming out, but it looks like Frogwares is crafting something many of us can get behind and see is truly weird out there. That and it looks like The Sinking City will be missing the mark of all of the other titles in the same vein by launching on March 21st of next year on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Thankfully it is also not another of those many February releases that are all the rage as of late.

That all said, there was more than just a release date shown off for The Sinking City as we have a new trailer to look at for the game just below. An in-engine trailer from the looks of it, and while it may not go into the depth of gameplay some of us are looking for, it does show off some of the strange we will have to deal with. It could also be some of the strange we will have to separate from insanity and sanity as it does look like it could all be made up in the character's head. You can have a look at it, see for yourself, and then get ready to play The Sinking City in just under a year.

The Sinking City — E3 2018 Trailer

Eldritch horrors awakening on March 21,2019…

Taking place in the 1920s, The Sinking City is a game of adventure and investigation set in an open world inspired by the works of the famous American horror author H.P. Lovecraft.

You will step into the shoes of a private investigator who arrives in the city of Oakmont Massachusetts — a city suffering from unprecedented floods of supernatural origins. You must uncover the source of whatever has taken possession of the city — and the minds of its inhabitants.

What is your takeaway for this new trailer for The Sinking City? Would you have rather seen some gameplay here or did you need a new dose of theme and setting to be placed out there for you? Do you think these kinds of events will only be in cut scenes or will it also take place during the core gameplay to mess with us all? Let us know what you think down in the comments and then sift through the insanity and discuss. When we have more to share for The Sinking City, we will share it. At least if you keep checking back in on the site here and try to stay up to date on it all.