The Waters Of Hunt: Showdown Will No Longer Be Safe


New content for Hunt: Showdown is coming and there was a sneak peek of it all when Hunt: Showdown was presented at E3

Even more content is coming to Hunt: Showdown here in short order and we all had a nice little look at it during E3 here recently. That is at least if you watched the PC Gaming event that took place or any of the many Twitch streams that Crytek took part in during the event. If you missed out on those somehow, we have you covered as we have a look at a few of the new things coming to Hunt: Showdown in its Early Access form. Not only that, but what could be coming soon to this version of it and thus the PS4 and Xbox One after it has been put through the ringer on the PC. That is what the Early Access is for. That and to get all of the fans of the game to help make a game they truly want in the end.

In the short tease we had during E3 for Hunt: Showdown we were able to see a new Vintage Crossbow would be showing up for more stealth kills and the option to retrieve ammo instead of hunting for it. That and a new Hand Crossbow that will take up a small weapon slot and give you the same capability with a little bit less damage. We will also be getting some Throwing Knives in the mix as thrown weapons will soon be a thing in Hunt: Showdown. If you are looking for the more massive damage, we will be getting a new Sticky Bomb that does just about what you would think. It sticks to your enemies and blows up.

On top of all of the new way to kill your enemies, we have a new enemy coming to Hunt: Showdown as well. Not a new boss from the sounds of it, but something to keep us from sticking to the waterways for moving about and cutting the map. It is called the Water Devil and looks to be like a crazed squid of some kind that will take us down in the water if we are not on our guard. You can see it all down in the following trailer and then get ready for it to finally hit the game when it is all ready.

Hunt: Showdown — New Content Teaser

The Vintage Crossbow, a large, quiet weapon ideal for a stealthy kill. You can retrieve the crossbow’s bolts from the corpses of your enemies after you’ve shot them down.

Throwing Knives are a quiet, light option—they can be used for one match (considered a consumable) and carried in addition to primary and secondary weapons. Knives, like crossbow bolts, can also be retrieved from the corpses of your dead enemies. And, of course, from any other surface you throw them at.

The Hand Crossbow is a smaller version of the Vintage Crossbow, and, as it is categorized as a pistol, can be carried in addition to a larger weapon—bolts retrievable, shots stealthy.

The Sticky Explosive Bomb is a barbed bomb designed to stick to walls and other surfaces when thrown. You throw ‘em, they stick, and then they explode!

There is something in the water now… our newest monster is the Water Devil, a tentacled creature that attacks players when they are traversing the swamps and bayous.

In addition to all of those above, there were a few hints as to what could be coming in future updates for Hunt: Showdown during one of the main streams Crytek took part of. They are listening to us all in the various ways we can interact with the teams and will be seeing the addition of being able to throw more weapons that are already in the game instead of the base ones we have here. We can also look forward to a way to loot downed hunters in the match and also have a way to mitigate those hunters camping to steal the bounty of the match. All to make Hunt: Showdown even more balanced and fun than it already is.

Hunt: Showdown — E3 2018

What do you think about the new additions coming to Hunt: Showdown here? Are they the weapons you have been hoping for or just another toy to add into the mix for you? Do you think that the Water Devil will be a base enemy in the game or will it be a new bounty to take down in the map? Let us have all your thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Hunt: Showdown, keep checking back in here as we will keep those updates flowing to you. At least as often as we can.