Experience The Endless Torment Of A Procedurally Generated Hell In Agony


A new gameplay mode for Agony is coming with the game and players will be able to compete against each other in this new Agony Mode

It looks like there will be more to Agony than we thought when it launches on May 29th here. At least if you can make it through all of the horror and disturbing imagery that Madmind Studios has put together for their version of Hell. If you can, then you will be glad to hear that there will be what is being called Agony Mode for the game and it will be the "multiplayer" aspect of the game. Multiplayer in the terms of being able to rank up against other players out there who are interested in playing the game and then this new mode. Not that you will need to beat one to open up the other, but it is the general way gamers play video games. Core game and then the extra side modes. At least that is how I play.

All of that said, this new mode for Agony will place us into a procedurally generated chamber(s) that will have us put all of our skills to use to complete missions and make our way to the "Red Chamber." This is where I am guessing all of the points we ear doing all of the random quests and challenges we need to complete in the mode. Some of these may be going out and collecting items throughout the chambers or hunting down other things. I am going to read that as hunting down some of the other demons in Agony that we are going to be able to control and do what we need to with them. You can read that however you wish based on the content of the game and such.

Have a look at the announcement trailer for Agony Mode here and see some of what Madmind Studios has in store for us. At least it looks like some of what could be in store for this mode. I mean, it would make sense that the core game also tracks the current mission and not just in this mode. I guess we will all know better when we load Agony up on May 29th here. Not much longer and we will all be in Hell together…

Agony — Mode Trailer

Madmind Studios revealed today more information about the Agony Mode which adds additional features to the critically acclaimed horror game Agony which will launch on May 29th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One the all in one entertainment system from Microsoft as well as PC.

The additional game mode will add procedurally generated chambers for the players to test their hellish survival skills. In mysterious labyrinths made of human bones or frosted ice chambers, players will face random quest and challenges. They might be tasked to collect ten figurines which are spread around the level. Despite the main story mode of the game the players can choose on the gender of their character and the game ends with the death of the players, calculating their score. To drive the challenge to a global level all scores will be displayed on a worldwide leaderboard.

When players achieve their given quest objectives and make their way to the mysterious “Red Chamber” — implemented in each procedurally generated level they can add additional points to their score by generating additional chambers to test his skills or even go back replaying the given level as one of the notorious Succubus!

What are your thoughts on this new mode for Agony and will it add all the replay value you would like for the game? How many different challenges and quests do you think will be mixed in for this mode or will it be mainly the levels that get changed all the time? Do you expect to replay this mode over and over to outshine your friend in Hell or will it be something you try only a little bit before you get too scared to keep going? Let us and the world know what you are thinking about this and more, all down in the comments. As we learn anything further for Agony, we will place it all here for you. Just be sure to keep coming back to see all of the new updates and changes as we get closer to launch.