Dive Deeper Into Dreams With Some New Gameplay Video


New footage for Dreams has been uploaded to show off were the game has evolved to just before E3 so we can get fully prepared for our Dreams there

You can tell we are getting closer to E3 as we start to see more gameplay and B-Roll popping up online just as we have here for Dreams today. Although this all seems to come hot on the heels of Media Molecule showing the game off to multiple different outlets out there but also in preparation for E3. Nonetheless, we have more to look at for Dreams here and it truly shows off how pretty much anyone out there will be able to make their own levels and "games" once it all comes to the PS4. There is still no release date for the game but we also have another little update for the game that came along with this gameplay footage.

While it may not look too exciting here, the Dreams gameplay here is a speed level build pretty much, but it does look like we will be seeing PS VR support on day one instead of at a later date. I can see how this may be done with the PS VR instead of the Dual Shock 4 controller. Keep an eye on how the "imps" move around on the screen and tell me it does not look like they are being controlled via the PS Move controllers instead of the left and right sticks. This is good news for all of those VR fans who want to experience Dreams in that setting. I know I will be giving it a go in that mode when I spin it all up.

Dreams — Pre-E3 2018

What do you think about what we have here for Dreams today? Does this entice you to want to give it a solid play or will you need to see more than just a basic level building system to bring you in? Could this end up being the truly next big thing for Media Molecule or will it be just another attempt to bring this style of game to the masses? Let us have all of those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more Dreams footage and news, be sure to keep checking in here as we will do what we can to keep it all coming right at you.