Metro Exodus Has Been Delayed Just A Bit But It Could Be A Good Thing

Metro Exodus

A slight delay for Metro Exodus is set out there and now we will not be seeing Metro Exodus until early 2019 instead of late 2018

Do not expect to see Metro Exodus anytime this year, at least in its final form, as it has now been quietly delayed. I say quietly as there was not a huge announcement or statement out there from 4A Games or Deep Silver on it not hitting the PS4, Xbox One, or PC in late 2018 and now aiming for Q1 2019. No, this update was kind of slipped into the middle of the full statement on the parent company's earnings report. Something that a casual fan who is excited for Metro Exodus may have missed but, thankfully, you have us out there skimming through it all and catching it. So yea, the game is now slated for a 2019 release and not a Fall of 2018. This could be a great move though.

Given that there is no solid reason given, as of yet, on why Metro Exodus was pushed out it could be linked to the fact that it was originally supposed to drop during the launches of many other large titles. While I have loved the Metro series to date, I do not think it would fare well against the likes of Call Of Duty, Red Dead Redemption 2, and all of the other larger titles currently slated around that time as well as the ones we have yet to hear about. This delay would put it right into the usual lull of the start of the year so Metro Exodus can be fully appreciated and stand a chance out there. Again, not that I think it would not do well but it will do a lot better when it is one of the few large titles out there.

Here is part of the press release that lists the delay for Metro Exodus. It also points out that many other titles that are in the company's wheelhouse are still on track and that there are many other titles coming. The delay of Metro Exodus just happens to be the bigger part that will affect your average gamer out there. Do look just to be sure though.

THQ Nordic AB (publ) Publishes Q1 2018: Koch Media Drive Sales In Q1, EBIT Increased 236% To SEK 107 Million

Our business continues to grow; net sales increased by 673% to SEK 633 million in the quarter, mainly thanks to Koch Media, which was acquired and consolidated on February 14. Excluding Koch Media, net sales were up 64% to SEK 135 million. EBITDA was up 439% to SEK 226 million and EBIT increased by 236% to SEK 107 million compared to the same period last year. Excluding Koch Media, EBIT was up 54% to SEK 49 million.

Koch Media is by far our largest acquisition to date and confirms our focus on creating value for our shareholders. With this transaction, we took a great step forward to further build a diversified, substantial and relevant player within the growing games industry. We got off to a great start together with the Deep Silver release of Kingdom Come Deliverance. I’m also happy to inform that Deep Silver will be publishing the upcoming RPG’s Wasteland 3 and Bards Tale IV. Both games are developed by InXile, a California-based studio founded by the industry legend Brian Fargo. Along with them, we are all looking forward to Deep Silver’s next key release, Metro Exodus, now expected in Q1 2019.

The THQ Nordic GmbH operations also had a good quarter with five new releases including MX vs ATV: All Out, our in-house developed sequel, released at the end of the quarter. Revenues for the THQ Nordic GmbH operations were 135 million, an increase by 68% compared to the same quarter last year. Their next key releases, Biomutant and Darksiders 3, are still under evaluation for setting a release date.

I expect the future of our well-invested pipeline of products — currently at a record 54 ongoing projects — to generate growing revenues and improved profitability. In order to make the best possible return on our investments and to continue building IP value, I would like to restate the importance that we are patient to deliver the expected customer experience along with finding the right release window for upcoming releases.

Meanwhile, we continue to evaluate further investments into game development projects for key IPs along with further potential acquisitions or strategic partnerships that could add considerable value for the group and its shareholders. Stay tuned.

Metro Exodus — The Aurora

What are your thoughts on the delay of Metro Exodus here? Do you think it was a good call to keep in out on its own so it does not need to compete for our attention or was it something else that caused the delay? Does any of this truly matter as there was never a solid release date set down in the first place and just a release window? Let all of your thoughts and feelings out down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Metro Exodus, be sure to stick close to the site here. We will have much more to come and you will not want to miss out on a single thing.