Jurassic World Evolution Has A New Island To Show Off With Isla Tacano

Have a look at a new island for Jurassic World Evolution that we will get to experience and build our own Jurassic World upon

If the first twenty minutes of Jurassic World Evolution that we had earlier in the week was not enough of the game to sell you just yet, then get ready as we have more to look at before June 12th. All kinds of new to look at as Frontier Developments has a whole new island for us to look at for the game. Another island that looks nice and calm but will be home to all kinds of horrors when your Jurassic World goes off the rails as they always seem to do. That is unless there is a way in the game to set it up so there never is an issue and everyone comes and goes while having the best experience ever. That does not make for good drama but it can always happen.

Anyways, we have another of the five islands for Jurassic World Evolution to look at now and it looks… well… pretty much like all of the other islands we have seen for the game so far. At least up close. On a far out zoom, it is obviously a different place as the main shape is different but all in all will house the same vegetation and landscape we will alter to fit our needs. It seems odd that we would need to define each island in a game like Jurassic World Evolution as they all seem to have the same dangers and such, but it is more of the game to look at so we will take it. Even if the dangers listed are about what we would expect in the fictional world but would want to stay away from in the real world.

Jurassic World Evolution — Isla Tacano Reveal

Here's your first look at a brand new island you'll be taking control of in Jurassic World Evolution.

What are your thoughts on this island for Jurassic World Evolution that we have here? Do you agree that it looks a lot like the other ones we have seen to date or am I missing something on a grander scale? Do you think that there will be more to each island in the ring of five we are going to get or will they just be another place to set up shop? Let us have what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. When we have anything more to share for Jurassic World Evolution, we will have it all here. All you need to do is keep coming back to check it all out.