Hellbound Is Now Heading To PC In 2019


The release window for Hellbound is now set for 2019 while we still have a nice free mode of Hellbound to get us further ready for the game

It looks like we will need to wait just a bit longer for Hellbound as it has been stated that the game will now be "ripping onto the scene in 2019." Those are the words of Saibot Studios and not some fancy thing I put together for this 90s-inspired first-person shooter. It is what it is for now, but that will not change the wait for Hellbound that is just a bit longer now. I say that as if you look at all of the previous trailers for the game we can see that it was originally stated that it would be coming to PC at some point in 2018. It looks like that was just some wishful thinking back in February for now.

Of course it sucks to have a game pushed out just a bit further, but that just means that we have more time to play Hellbound' free survival mode that is currently out there on Steam. It has been available for a bit out there already, so it is nothing truly new, but it is a thing for us to try and see how well the Unreal Engine can do a 90s style FPS. I mean, 90s-inspired as Hellbound does look to pull a lot from the original DOOM and Duke Nukem titles from back then. UI and all. Have a look at the current gameplay that is out there and then give the game a quick download to see if it will be something you will be glad to wait for.

Hellbound — Gameplay Reveal — Survival Mode

Hellbound, the ridiculously violent ‘90s-inspired FPS from developer Saibot Studios, rips its way onto the scene in 2019. A free Survival Mode teasing the potential of a full campaign is available today on Steam for those who can’t wait to get a taste of the slaughter.

When it’s time to destroy demons with bones, bullets, or bare hands, Hellgore is the man for the job. This big, stitched-up slab of muscle has one thing on his mind: crimson carnage. Well, he has his own fully fleshed-out backstory, but that’s not important right now. Just know that he’s no stranger to gunning down the demonic denizens of Hell.

Hellbound is a ‘90s FPS, 20 years later with old-school gameplay, and new-school quality. Remember when shooters were brutally hard, fast-paced, and violent? Imagine that rendered grotesquely in Unreal Engine 4. In the Survival Mode available today for free, Hellgore smashes and blasts monsters in a wave-based arena, reveling in chaos as heavy metal and industrial music chugs in the background. Every wave summons hordes of enemies to cleave through.

Five weapons round out Hellgore’s arsenal in Survival Mode, with more to come through frequent updates. The Headcrusher, Simple Shotgun, Triple Shotgun, Indolora (remember Ol’ Painless from Predator?), and Rocket Launcher are his implements of destruction as he takes on the soldiers of Hell. Power-ups like Hell Damage, Hell Speed, and Hell Skin increase your attack power, speed, and explosive resistance respectively.

What are you thinking about Hellbound based on everything here and do you think the "delay" will make it a better game? Is this the first you are hearing of this game or have you been enjoying the Survival Mode since it went live a little while ago? Do you think that it is trying to hit on nostalgia more than be its own game or is it just the UI and style doing that? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Hellbound, as we get it, be sure to keep checking in here on the site as we will have it all. At least we will try to have it all.