Fly Through Hell And Meet The Succubus Of Agony


Two more gameplay teases for Agony have dropped out there and it shows us more of Agony's Hell and another demon we will encounter along the way

Two small clips for Agony have been placed out there in existence recently and all to give us more to gaze upon for the game's location. Not that we have not seen enough of Hell already, or at least Madmind Studio's version of Hell, but now we have yet a little more. All to hold us over until Agony finally drops on May 29th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Also to remind us that we may not be seeing the same game between platforms due to some censorship that the game had to undergo. At least in terms of those PC gamers who choose to remove the censorship after launch. You can also read that as the following may not be so safe for work or the innocent eyes of gamers who should not be looking at a game like this.

Now that we have that out of the way, let us dig into what we have here for Agony. Both are short clips and the first one here gives us a not-so-guided tour through the hellscape of the game. It looks like a little bit of new mixed with a little bit of old but it is definitely Hell. Then we have the second that does about the same but ends with a tease for a new demon we will meet in the game. At least that is the assumption as the Succubus could be there to cause all kinds of problems as we head to the Red Goddess in Agony. We could also be in control of things as we see here but with little context to go on for now, this is where it all stands. Have a look and then let the wait sink in as we still have a few weeks until we can enjoy this horror game.

Agony — View Of Hell

Have you ever wondered how Hell looks like? You can stop now, let us give you a guided tour. We promise it's nothing like you imagined.

Agony — Meet The Succubus

Watch the exclusive Succubus teaser now on Twitter — Just take a look at the poor fellow who is about to meet her.

Were you hoping for a little more on these tease for Agony or do they live up to the title of the game by giving us so little? Do you think that we will see a vast Hell in the game's world or will we see a similar map reused multiple times over to simulate what this Hell is? Do you think we will be controlling the Succubus in the game or will she be an ever-looming menace we will have to survive? Let us know what is going on in that brain down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If we have more for Agony, we will definitely get it up here for you. Just be sure to keep checking back in so you are fully up to date on it all.