We Have More Of Beyond Good & Evil 2 In Motion Now

Beyond Good & Evil

New gameplay for Beyond Good & Evil 2 is here and it gives us a nice look at how we can navigate Beyond Good & Evil 2 as well as kick some ass with melee

More gameplay for Beyond Good & Evil 2 is out there now after the most recent stream update that Ubisoft just held. Get those hype engines running as it gives us a better look at some of the traversal and navigation mechanics we will get you use in the game. Not only that, but we get to see some of the new melee mechanics coming to Beyond Good & Evil 2 and just how the team captured them and brought them into the game. All in a work-in-progress kind of way, but it is a way that all of the long-time fans can see a bit more of the game before E3 and get those motors running a bit longer.

While it may sound like there is a lot of great new footage for Beyond Good & Evil 2, now comes the bit of a downer. More or less the ship maneuvers and navigation look to still be from the tech demo we saw last year. The melee combat and motion capture is new but not much to go on. It is still something to look at and get re-hyped for the game about, sure, just not as much as you were expecting. At least you can rest assured that it is something to help you get a better idea of where Beyond Good & Evil 2 currently is and how you may or may not be able to help shape it. If you are part of the Space Monkey Program, you have a chance of being heard to make a better game.

Without further gilding the lily, here is the latest for Beyond Good & Evil 2. I am sure the E3 big reveal will give us a lot more to be excited for. Have a look and enjoy with what we have for now though.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 — Staff Combat And Ship Maneuvers

The latest Beyond Good & Evil 2 update features new gameplay footage on how players can navigate the world via jetpack and ship, and how groups of co-op players can stay close together when traveling at high speeds by forming an armada. Additionally, you'll get a fresh look at how melee combat is coming together, with a taste of some work-in-progress footage of Shani showing off some elaborate combat moves with her staff.

Are you more or less hyped for Beyond Good & Evil 2 based on all of this? Were you expecting a bit more than what we had here or is this the right level Ubisoft should keep it at for now? Can you really glean anything from this footage or was it just a way to remind you that the game is coming? Let the world know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Beyond Good & Evil 2 as it comes, come back to the site here, as we will do what we can to keep you as up to date as possible.