There Will Be Many Ways To End Your Agony Story


It has just been revealed that Agony will have multiple endings as well as Agony having a rather lengthy gameplay time

New details for Agony have popped up and all of which revolve around the main story of the game but none of the true finer details. As if Madmind Studio would let loose one of the better aspects of their new horror game that hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 29th. I mean, we could have hoped to get the full story of Agony before then but what would be the point of playing the game? Also, would you want to read through the twelve hours of story we are getting for the game or just experience it? I know I would want to experience it. Also, that is part of the latest update for the game as that is the current run time on a single playthrough of it all.

This leads us to the next update for Agony and that is that it has been confirmed to have at least seven different endings we can get to. I say at least as the developers could add in more if they truly want to, but that is the number we are going with for now. A nice non-round number that seems to plague all video games that deal with Christian mythology. Something to do with sins and such; or maybe it is virtues… Nonetheless, this is the number of endings we can try to aim for in Agony as we try to find the Red Goddess and find out way out of Hell. At least if you can find yourself brave enough to try to play through the horror that many times…

Are you surprised with the number of endings that Agony will have contained within? Does it seem like a fitting number and do you think you will be able to sit through the possible eighty-four hours to find them all? Do you think this will include the traditional "bad ending" where the character just fails and stays in Hell? Let us all know what is on your mind and then feel free to discuss down in the comments. As we learn more for Agony, you will learn more. At least if you keep coming back to the site and checking everything out. That would be one of the best ways to do it all.