The Karters Are Coming With An Official Release Date

The Karters

The release date for The Karters has been set and gamers can look to a date real soon to be jumping into The Karters on their PCs

Get ready for some new kinds of races as The Karters has been set with an official release date for the PC. Some of you may not have heard of the game before, but it is 10Ants Hill’s take on the kart racing genre and they have finally been putting the last bits of polish on the game to get it out to us on Steam. Now that all of that has been said, we can look forward to playing The Karters on May 29th and then hopefully drag in a few of your buddies to the fun of split-screen multiplayer as well as online multiplayer as you try to go up those leaderboards out there. All so you can be labeled the best around.

To go along with the release date announcement for The Karters, there is the usual new trailer for the game. We have that just below so you can see how this game is aiming to take us back to the 90s when couch co-op was all the rage. It was also the only real way to do co-op back then, but nonetheless it will be here for The Karters. It also looks like a stripped down version of Mario Kart. At least stripped down in the way of being able to knock other players out of the lead as needed or to get that extra edge. Everything else looks to be in there in terms of gameplay. It is hard to have a Karting game without any of those elements though…

The Karters — Release Date Gameplay

The Karters is an arcade kart racing game inspired by Crash Team Racing’s gameplay, dynamics, and overall design.

With a release date planned for 5-29-18 on Steam, we have always worked closely with the community and as a token of our gratitude a Loyal Karter Program has been launched, in which every member who will sign up before the launch will receive the very first DLC for free! Don’t be late!

Become a Loyal Karter here.

What do you think of The Karters as of now and are you excited to get to play it soon? Do you think it is going to stay on the PC forever or will it be brought over to the other platforms out there in due time? Do you think that there needed to be more to the game than just driving around the interesting courses or is this the kind of game you have been looking for? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on The Karters and such, be sure to keep checking in here as we will keep all of the news and updates coming at you.