The Iron Spider Is Coming To Spider-Man As The Second Pre-Order Suit


The second Spider-Man suit we can pick up has been shown off and now Spider-Man is further connected to Infinity War with the Iron Spider

We now know the second of the three pre-order suits coming to Spider-Man and it should come as no surprise that it will be the Iron Spider suit. Given that Avengers: Infinity War is just about to release and going to be part of the huge hype train for a bit well after, it would make perfect sense that Insomniac Games would go down this path. While the Iron Spider suit is not something new just for the film, this version of the suit will be based on the version Spider-Man will wear in the film. Again, not the biggest of shocks there as it was pretty much assumed back when the pre-order details were first let loose and then the timing of all of the other announcement that were to come. Now we just sit with one more to find out about.

Before you try and state that it has been announced that the Noir Suit will be the other one that Spider-Man will don, let it be known that there are already more than 24 different suits in the game without the need for pre-order. The Noir Suit is one of them. Also, each of these extra suits will give Spider-Man a different ability or boost of some sort. The Spider-Punk suit, the first pre-order suit, will allow Spidey to pull out a guitar and do a special attack using the sound waves. As for the Iron Spider Suit, all we have to go on is that we will see it in the film and know it when it happens. Of course, this is just a way to force more people to go see the film if they want to know early but I am sure that hidden gem will not last long after the film releases.

Spider-Man — Second Reveal Pre-Order

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be available September 7, 2018 — only on PlayStation. Pre-order Bonuses: Instant in-game access to Spidey Suit Pack, early unlock of the Spider-Drone Gadget, 5 extra skill points, Spider-Man PSN Avatar, & Spider-Man PS4 Theme.

Now that we have seen a few of the other suits coming to Spider-Man and know they will be changing things, here is yet another look at how the suits will be placed on. At least from this clip here it looks like we will be making these changes via a phone app in-game with Peter running off to change and then come back into the mix. It would be nice to have this always be ready on the fly but it would make more sense if it still required a trip to "home base." In past Spider-Man games that offered this we had to go back to Peter's home to make the change so there were no weird naked romps through New York as we put on a new suit. It limits the frequency with the changes, but at least it makes more sense in general for the character and world. Who knows though?

Spider-Man — Iron Spider Suit Revealed

Pre-Order Marvel’s Spider-Man and get instant access to the Iron Spider Suit, inspired by Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War.

Are you at all shocked that Spider-Man will be getting the Iron Spider suit for the game or was it a shocker to you? What do you think the special ability will be and do you think it will be anything like we have seen in the comics or cartoons from before? What other "out there" suits do you think we will get to see in the game? Let us know your thoughts on all of this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Spider-Man in any way, be sure to keep checking in here. We will keep all of those updates coming at you as best we can.