It Is Time To Go Behind The Music Of Detroit: Become Human


New information on the music for Detroit: Become Human is here and we get to hear how three different composers are setting the mood in Detroit: Become Human

When it comes to having three different characters in Detroit: Become Human, the team over at Quantic Dream wanted them each to feel a bit different from each other to help emphasize the story and world. That is the base assumption from the start. Given that they are taking the story and storytelling method for Detroit: Become Human down the same path as that of feature films or television, they would need a way to help focus on differences between them all subtlety. This is generally done through minor ques that we think we ignore, but we pick up on. Given the difference between three robotic characters they are trying to portray it looks like they wanted to go a step further than just different "themes" for each.

As it turns out, they opted to go with using three different composers for Detroit: Become Human to help keep cross contamination, if you will, out of the music for each character. This makes perfect sense if they truly wanted a different "feel" for each as composers usually have their own signature that always flows into their music. Think of any of the big names out there and I am sure you could name them quickly just by a song or two. That does not seem like it will be the case in Detroit: Become Human as they are all as different as the characters in the game and you can hear how different they all are just below. How these songs will pop in the game is still something to figure out, but they will at least give us a true feel for each of the three protagonists in the game.

Detroit: Become Human — Behind The Music

In Detroit: Become Human, players will be able to control three very unique characters. Although Kara, Connor and Markus are all androids, they are of different makes and have a very different background and function in society. To emphasize these three very different stories, we decided to entrust the original soundtrack to three composers with the aim to create distinct musical colors fitting our main characters’ identities and to sustain their individual arc.

To stress Connor’s very cold and mechanical behavior, we chose a primarily electronic soundtrack. For Kara, we wanted a music that would be emotional and moving, underlining her quest for identity, love and empathy. For Markus, we needed a soundtrack that would be epic and represent the grand aspect of his journey.

Detroit: Become Human — Kara Main Theme - Composer: Philip Sheppard

Detroit: Become Human — Connor Main Theme - Composer: Nima Fakhrara

Detroit: Become Human — Markus Main Theme - Composer: John Paesano

What do you think about this approach they took for Detroit: Become Human in terms of character music? Do you think that keeping each separated out will help us get a better feel for each character in the game or will it mostly go by unnoticed? Would you have even known in the first place had we not pointed them all out here or in the music in general? Let us have those thoughts and feelings down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Detroit: Become Human, just keep coming back to the site here as we will keep all of that information flowing right out to you. Even if it may be something you may miss or skip in a video game in general.