Spider-Man Has A Release Date Now And All Kinds Of Extra Content


The release date for the next Spider-Man game has been set and we have a look at all of the ways you can purchase Spider-Man with pre-orders

We were told that this month we would get a lot more information and new looks at Spider-Man and Insomniac Games has started off swinging for the fences. Not with any huge gameplay dumps or huge information dumps for the game, but before you get sad, we can now look to see the game hit the PS4 on September 7th. Yes, they started it all off with the official release date for Spider-Man and did not wait until the end of the month like other games have done when doing the same thing. I will not complain as we now know when we are going to see the game and the rest is just gravy for now. That or just extra web fluid.

Even though we do not have much more in terms of gameplay for Spider-Man, we do have a look at the different ways to pick the game up. Obviously, we will get the general edition, but we also have the option to go with a Digital Deluxe Edition and Collector's Edition. Both of which will come with three pieces of story DLC post-launch and a physical pin even if you go with the digital version. The collector's edition comes with an art book, Steelbook case, and a statue that has only been partially revealed so far. You can see it below, but note that Spider-Man is perched on something that they are most likely going to reveal during this year's International Comic-Con.

Pre-order for Spider-Man are also open, or opening depending on when you are reading this. Of course, there are little extras for pre-ordering before the September 7th release date. Insomniac Games has yet to reveal exactly what all of those pre-orders are, but it will be three extra costumes for Spider-Man to wear, an in-game Spider-Drone, extra Skill Points to start with, a PSN Avatar, and a PS4 theme for the game. You can see what has been shown off so far just below and then wait to get the full reveal shortly after. Most likely during the big conventions that will happen just before the launch of the game.

Spider-Man — Digital Deluxe Edition

Spider-Man — Digital Deluxe Edition ($79.99 USD)

  • Copy of the game
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps — Three Post-Launch Story DLC chapters
  • Limited Edition Collectible Pin
Spider-Man — Collector’s Edition

Spider-Man — Collector’s Edition ($149.99 USD)

  • Copy of the game
  • Steelbook Case
  • Mini Artbook from Titan Books
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man statue by Gentle Giant
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps — Three Post-Launch Story DLC chapters
  • Limited Edition Collectible Pin

Spider-Man — Pre-Order Bonuses

  • Spidey-Suit Pack featuring Spider-Punk and two others to be revealed
  • Spider-Drone gadget
  • PSN avatar
  • PS4 theme
  • Extra Skill points to unlock faster web-swinging sooner

Spider-Man — Pre-Order Video

Are you ready to throw down your cash for this Spider-Man game or were you hoping to get more information for it before pre-ordering? What do you think is going on with the statue here and do you think it will be a huge reveal for the game or will it just be something they are waiting for the final version for before reveal? What other costumes do you think we are going to get besides Spider-Punk? Let us have those thoughts and feelings down in the comments and then feel free to discuss.As we learn more for Spider-Man, you will learn more. As long as you stick close to the site here, that is.