More Gameplay For God Of War To Show Off Trolls, Exploration, And More

God Of War

Even more gameplay for God Of War is here and brings us a new look at the Trolls in God Of War as well as how some of the exploration will play out

Each day April 20th gets a bit closer and that means we get a bit closer to having the chance to play God Of War on the PS4. Even with all of the parts of the game that Santa Monica Studio has shown us for the game; it still feels like there is still so much that we have yet to experience. The way that these kinds of marketing campaigns should work. Give us just enough to have a great idea on what we are going into with God Of War here but leave out so much that the game still feels completely new once we hit the title screen. This has been how the franchise has always been for me even in the past when they were hitting on topics I had a lot of personal knowledge in.

Here we are yet again though with more for God Of War gameplay and still learning more about the game. For instance, we have seen trolls in the past in the game but as it turns out, each seems to be a named character or mini-boss we will have to take on. They have their own issues going on in the game's world and they need to handle it the way they know best. From the sounds of it, it could all be something in line with what Kratos normally does yet they are still facing off against him. What this means for the overall story of God Of War is still left to be found. It is just another interesting thing to look out for in the game though. As if we would ignore it.

God Of War — Trolls, Exploration, And More

Today on PS Underground: brand new gameplay from God Of War, showcasing another one of the game’s trolls, as well as some of the off-the-beaten-path exploration elements in the game.

I am digging the new chest and loot system we are getting in this God Of War though. We have seen the QTE aspect of it get the ax, pun intended, in past gameplay videos. Now it looks like something to replace it with the bigger items to find will be a bit on the puzzle side of things. More or less, there will be rune locked chests that we will need to unlock from some kind of puzzle before we can open them. These chests will hold some better items, but the level of difficulty of the puzzles are still to be seen. In this new video, it looks to be more of an annoyance level but this could just be the basic version of it all in God Of War. Maybe we will have some bigger and better ones in the rest of the game.

How do you feel about the role the trolls will be playing in God Of War? Do you think that there will be something deeper than what we have been given here or will it just be something to explain why we need to have these mini-boss fights? Do you think that the puzzles to unlock some of the bigger chests will be more involved or will it be just a "throw your ax a few times" kind of thing each time? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more God Of War, be sure to keep checking in here. We still have a lot of time to see more for the game and hopefully, we will not be spoiled on any of it before launch.