The War Machine Keeps Turning In Call Of Duty: WWII

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The next DLC pack for Call Of Duty: WWII is on its way and we have a new look at just what it will be adding to Call Of Duty: WWII this April

Get ready for more Call Of Duty: WWII as the next DLC pack has been given a date, April 10th, for the PS4 gamers out there, but has been detailed out for those PC and Xbox One fans who will be joining in the fun in about a month. We are still doing that, but Sledgehammer Games is still showing off the basics for us. The War Machine, as it is called, will be bringing us three new maps for Call Of Duty: WWII, a new War Mode mission, and the next chapter in the Nazi Zombies mode we have all grown to love or hate. Pretty much the standard at this point, but it is here to make sure you are all in the know.

The New maps for Call Of Duty: WWII are Dunkirk, V2, and Egypt. You may have heard of the first one there as it is a pretty large location and battle from WWII. V2 will have us placed in a secret German V-2 rocket facility running and gunning. Egypt will take us down to Africa for the first time in Call Of Duty: WWII and will have us shooting around the likes of other iconic locations from the real world even though they look to be outside of scale. I thank other games as of late giving us said scale and all that to throw off future titles that do not do it completely accurate. It does not lower the fun, but it is something I have started to notice more and more.

As for the new War Mode mission, Operation Husky, it will have us back out there in Sicily trying to retrieve intelligence for the Allies, transmit them home, and then take to the skies to clear out enemies fighters so our bombers can make it back in. A whole bunch of the Call Of Duty: WWII core gameplay all mixed into one nice package there. I will not go into the Nazi Zombies side of the DLC here though as it looks to just carry on the story from where we last left off and not too many new tidbits of information are out there as of yet. You can see what is out there just below though.

Call Of Duty: WWII — The War Machine

With The War Machine, Sledgehammer Games has created a series of exciting new maps and experiences designed to take Call Of Duty: WWII players to all-new theaters of war. Players will fight in an iconic World War II battle at Dunkirk, travel to a secret German V-2 rocket facility, and push the battle across continents and into Egypt.

Players will also fight alongside their friends and foes in a new War Mode mission, co-developed with Raven Software, called Operation Husky, which includes a new gameplay mechanic - aerial dogfighting! And finally, there’s a brand-new, exciting chapter of Nazi Zombies that takes the Barbarossa storyline to an entirely new level.

The War Machine will launch first on PlayStation 4 on April 10, so clear your schedules, hunker down, and get ready for some action in the field!

Call Of Duty: WWII — Egypt Call Of Duty: WWII — Dunkirk Call Of Duty: WWII — V2
Call Of Duty: WWII — Operation Husky Call Of Duty: WWII — The Shadowed Throne

Egypt: For the first time in Call Of Duty: WWII, we’re bringing players to the battlefields of Northern Africa and the Egyptian pyramids. Players fight in and around the ancient ruins at Giza with landmarks that you’re sure to recognize. The map features an interior temple in the center that heats up during intense Domination matches with more open exterior lanes to either side. There’s something for everyone, as all ranges and playstyles have a place to call home here.

Dunkirk: Players face off on the sands and beachfront boardwalk of the French seaside city of Dunkirk. This map features a large, open and dangerous beach area flanked by tight interiors through the buildings lining the beach-front. Sniping can be effective here, though aggressive running and gunning can also pay off, so keep sharp and watch your angles and surroundings to win the day.

V2: Welcome to V2 – a rocket development and test site located in rural Germany. V2 is a tight, ultra-fast-paced map that never lets up for a moment. The launch tower sits at the map center, providing a focal point and an opportunity to grab an elevated sightline on unsuspecting opponents. Short-to mid-range engagements are dominant here, with fast and furious gameplay throughout – don’t blink!

Operation Husky: Operation Husky, whose namesake referred to the Allied invasion of Sicily, is centered on an Allied action to retrieve intelligence on the locations of sensitive German targets in the ports of Palermo and Naples. In this exciting new War mode offering, players will gather intel, transmit it to HQ, and then take to the skies to clear the area of enemy fighter planes in order to make way for Allied bombers.

The Shadowed Throne: The Shadowed Throne brings our heroes into the heart of Nazi Germany to confront a desperate and evil regime. Berlin is burning, and Doktor Straub’s monstrous army is hellbent on purging his city of the Allied invaders. Join Marie, Drostan, Olivia, and Jefferson on their descent into madness in a city warped with terror, blood, and war, as Nazi Zombies steps out from the shadows of history.

Are you ready to add all of this into your Call Of Duty: WWII fun or are you still working through everything from before? Do you like seeing the newer locations we are heading off too or were you looking for more WWII iconic locations to go shooting in? Have you been enjoying the Nazi Zombies mode so far or have you just been going back to the multiplayer and staying there? Let us and the world know down in the comment and then discuss. For more on Call Of Duty: WWII, be sure to stick around here. We will keep all of the information flowing out there and you will not want to miss a single thing.