Metro Exodus Will Have Some Spectacular Real-Time Ray Tracing

Metro Exodus

A new GDC demo for Metro Exodus has released and it gives us a new look at an old area to show how Metro Exodus will use RTX technology in game

As if there was a doubt before that Metro Exodus was going to be the best-looking title in the line of titles so far, we have a new tech demo fresh from GDC that shows us just how amazing the game can look. This all comes from a collaboration between 4A Games and NVidia to use their new RTX technology in the 4A Engine. Yes, I know that sounds like a lot of technobabble for some gamers out there but it does all tie back into Metro Exodus. It ties back into the fact that the games so far have been well known for their dynamic lighting and this new technology bring the engine, and now this title, as close to photorealism in that aspect as possible. That still probably does not sell you much on it all but it is what is going on here.

For the lay-gamer out there, what this new technology does is allow all items rendered in Metro Exodus to add to the way things are lit and adds an extra level of realism to our games. This is something that can be done a few other ways but it usually does not lead to a dynamic feel and can quickly break the immersion we have started to feel. Usually, this is due to an item or light ray being outside of the traditional range for graphics rendering. This new brute force tactic makes sure it will always be accounted for just so we can be sure that the horrible wastes of Metro Exodus, and other titles, always look just as they should.

You do not have to take just my words for it though as we have the tech demo just below. The bigger bonus here is that unlike other tech demos out there, this one is using in-game assets and areas to show off the technology and not something made up specifically for it. It is an area we have seen before for Metro Exodus but now we get to see it lit up the way that it truly should be. Or at least how the computers out there think we should see it. It is a sight to see even though I am sure it will only truly shine for those PC gamers out there who have upgraded to the hardware that is the latest and greatest before the game actually launches.

Metro Exodus — Real-Time Ray Tracing

We are happy to announce our collaboration with NVIDIA using RTX technology to include real-time ray traced Global Illumination in our upcoming game, Metro Exodus.

This demonstration shows RTX implemented and running in Metro Exodus, on our proprietary 4A Engine, using actual game content — you might recognize this environment from our 2017 E3 trailer! We have utilized true raytracing to render both Ambient Occlusion and Indirect Lighting in full real-time, in a practical in-game scenario.

“Previously, we had utilized a mix of several custom-made systems to satisfy our hungry demand for dynamic content of varying scale. Now we are able to replace it with one single system that covers all our needs and outputs the quality of offline renderers.” — 4A Games’ Chief Technical Officer, Oleksandr Shyshkovtsov.

What did you think of the real-time ray tracing here for Metro Exodus? Can you see a huge difference from what we saw back at E3 2017 or does it still all look the same? Will this push the whole industry forward or will there be some other leap that will do the same thing? Go ahead and comments or discuss down below. While this may not have shed light on Metro Exodus directly, we will keep bringing you content like this. Also for the core game. All you need to do is stick around here to make sure you get to take it all in.