Detroit: Become Human Has Three Distinct Characters But One Solid Story


New trailers for Detroit: Become Human are here and they give us all a little more insight into the characters of Detroit: Become Human and how they will be part of the same story

There is still a bit to go before Detroit: Become Human launches. May 25th of this year on the PS4 is still the slated release date. We have had a few good looks at the characters we will be controlling before now, even if it has mainly been Connor, and now it is time to have yet another one. Quantic Dream did have one undertaking when they took on the multiple characters for one story thing yet again, but if anyone can do it, they can. Especially with a diverse cast that we will have in Detroit: Become Human as they all range from super cop to homemaker to caregiver. Although I am sure there is more to the last one there than just caregiver. We will have to wait and see.

As mentioned, each of the characters for Detroit: Become Human have been given their own trailer of sorts to look at. Mostly filled with scenes we have already seen in the past when the character was highlighted. Thankfully, to go with these trailers are a bit more of the description of each and what they have at stake in the game. I had no clue that Connor was one of a kind before now and that he is just trying to gain acceptance. Markus always looked like a rebel and violent activist before now. Kara is pretty much the same out of all of the depressing scenes we have seen for Detroit: Become Human so far. Also, somehow all of their stories will collide together in some way but from drastically different directions.

Detroit: Become Human — Connor

Connor is a prototype, named the RK800, created by CyberLife. His initial goal is to assist human detectives in their investigations by offering them technological assistance. He is also equipped with a social module specially developed to create the “ideal partner”, capable of integrating into any team. He is also equipped with special features, such as a real-time molecular analyzer and a sophisticated simulator that can reconstruct past events. He is exceptionally intelligent, cold and determined, ready to do anything to succeed in his mission.

When the first cases of androids with abnormal behavior are reported, CyberLife offers to send this prototype to assist Detroit police. Connor has already undergone field tests involving androids, but this is his first investigation.

Connor is sent to join Lieutenant Hank Anderson, a grizzled, alcoholic detective who hates androids. Connor will need to make use of his “psychology” module to earn the respect of his partner and discover the truth about deviants.

Detroit: Become Human — Markus

Markus is an android who belongs to celebrated painter Carl Manfred, an old man who has lost the use of his legs. If at first Markus was only a machine in Carl’s eyes, a paternal affection has gradually developed. Carl treats Markus as if he were human, teaches him to paint, exposes him to literature and music; develops the android’s spirit a little each day.

Eventually Carl comes to think of Markus like a son, much to the dissatisfaction of Carl’s biological son, Leo.

Markus’ journey will take him from caregiver in the service of an old man to leading the historic android revolution. But to lead a revolution will be much more difficult than anything Markus can imagine: he must contend with the factitious disagreements of his people, face insoluble dilemmas, moral choices and sacrifice.

He must choose a path between violence and pacifism, between a closed fist and an outstretched hand. Through his choices, Markus will write the history of his people and lead them to freedom… or destruction.

Detroit: Become Human — Kara

Kara is an AX400 domestic assistant model created by CyberLife. The AX400 is a common model, designed to take care of the housework and look after young children. They can speak 300 different languages, cook more than 9000 dishes, help children with their homework and play with them.

Kara is owned by a former unemployed taxi driver, called Todd Williams, a strange and unpredictable character. He is the father of a little girl named Alice, with whom Kara is tasked with taking care of.

Under harsh circumstances, they quickly learn that they are not safe with Todd. Both will run away and struggle to find a path to freedom.

Becoming fugitives, they will discover a disjointed world falling apart and understand the strange feeling that unites them. They will journey from encounter to encounter, confronting violence and hatred but also the empathy of those who keep hope.

Did you learn something new for the characters of Detroit: Become Human here or is there still so much left out? Do you think that all of the connections will flow back to the weird Android 'uprising' or will there be something drastically different? Do you think that each character will have the same screen time or will we see more for one or the other due to how the scenarios fit in? Let everyone know what is on your mind for the game down in the comments and then discuss. When there is more for Detroit: Become Human, we will have it here. Just keep checking back in on the site to see and read it all.