Which Version Of The Joker Will You Have In Batman: The Enemy Within


A new trailer for Batman: The Enemy Within is here and takes us through the story so far, but on the side of the possible creation of Batman's greatest foe

We have already had some nice screenshots for the final episode of Batman: The Enemy Within's season, and now it is time to have the trailer that usually follows right up. It is something that we have all grown to love about how Telltale Games gets their next parts of the story out there and things are not deviating here. Well, at least not too much as this is less of a trailer just for the next episode, but one for the whole season to show how our choices will shape one of Batman's greatest foes in the franchise. That would be The Joker for those who have other villains that they enjoy in the comics and other forms of media. He is the big name being used in this season's finale.

Early on in the season of Batman: The Enemy Within, we may not have totally seen how we were building up the character in one of two ways, but that is what this trailer is for. There is a lot more going on in the overall story of the season, but this is where our choices will truly matter as he will either become the Clown Prince of Crime we all know or something completely different based on how we treated John Doe in the story. On my end, I have mostly treated him as a friend and ally as I was hoping to see something like this come to fruition and now I am glad to see my choices were not mostly in vain. Batman: The Enemy Within is going to have two different endings based on all of this; so they say.

If you want to have a quick recap of this side of the story in Batman: The Enemy Within, have a look at the latest trailer for the season just below and see how many of your choices pop up in there. You can also see a few scenes play out a bit differently based on those selections too as I did. No matter the case, this season for Batman: The Enemy Within comes to an end on March 27th so either get playing now to catch up or get ready to play it all in one shot real soon.

Batman: The Enemy Within — Season Trailer

Since the complete second season will soon be available for download, we're excited to share the official full season trailer for Batman: The Enemy Within, the five-part episodic game series that continues Telltale Games' unique take on the World's Greatest Detective. This trailer recaps the events of the entire season but focuses primarily on the relationship players built with former Arkham Asylum inmate John Doe, a relationship that will soon culminate in the birth of The Joker.

Which version of The Joker are you hoping for in Batman: The Enemy Within? Do you think that the two endings will be drastically different or will they be similar with the differences needed based on how John ended up? How do you think all of the other villains in the season will handle these changes or will it have no impact on them at all for now? Let us know your thoughts on this down in the comments and discuss. If there is more for Batman out of Telltale, we will have the updates here on the site. Be sure to keep checking in here to get them all and be completely ready for any future seasons there may be.