Journey Further Behind The Scenes For God Of War

God Of War

Another interview for God Of War has popped up online and this one goes even more into this God Of War's mythology as well as a few design elements

As if we have not had enough God Of War here since January, it looks like we have yet another interview out there now from Santa Monica Studio. You are probably thinking, "How much more can they go into without spoiling the game?" You would be right to think that as we do have a lot already, but there is obviously a little more than they want to get out there for God Of War to get us all hyped up. They want and many people out there on their PS4 playing it on April 20th so it makes perfect sense to keep these little bits coming. That and fans like me are always looking for anything to keep their hype going and this fits just nicely.

While most of the interview is a lot of what we already know about God Of War, it was filmed back at PSX 2017, there are a few little things to learn here as well. Maybe interesting only to a few, but it looks like there are all kinds of extra means to some things we have already seen in the game. Like the fact that Atreus' book is something close to the UI we will have in the game and that he too has some tattoos that have extra meaning to them. Clever little things like his shooting arm having Strength and Precision tattooed on them or his neck having Steady Mind as well. Things that many will most likely get missed in the mix of this God Of War, but nice to see mixed right in.

Have a look for yourself and see how we are going to be taking the journey in God Of War and shaping it along the way. All of which I am sure are hard points that we all will get to, but still something truly new for the franchise at the end of the day. My excitement levels have been refilled yet again and now April 20th will not get here fast enough for me.

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How are you feeling about God Of War after the latest video we have here? Do you like all of the little things mixed into the lore and culture or will it all go unnoticed due to how many play video games now? What other little things do you think will be mixed in that will be small and easy to miss or will it all be explained as we play the game in general? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. For more on God Of War, obviously stick close here. We will be bringing you everything that we can leading up to launch and hopefully well after.